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Callings research by Chelsea

In the book the calling, It describes different careers that people found and are passionate about. One story that stuck out to me the most was Dr. Dorthey Warburton she became an OB-GYN. The requirements and schooling for this practice are quite extent and you are looking at about 8 years of college. You need to obtain a degree such as Bachelor of Human Science and take multiple biology and chemistry classes. Once you have your degree you need to take the Medical College Administration Test (MCAT). This is a long test that will take a full day in biology and chemistry also reading and writing skills. You must pass this test in order to get into medical school. They say to study for the test while you are still in college. Once you have passed the Medical College Administration Test you will be accepted into medical school that last 4 years. This is where students can start studying in the OB-GYN field and clinical hours. Once your 4 years are completed you have residency for 3-7 years depending on your practice and how well you do. Final step is to pass you're United States Medical Licensing Test, if you pass than you can officially start your career as an OB-GYN.
The schooling to obtain your OB-GYN license is long and intense but if you do not have the skills that is needed than you will not succeed in the OB-GYN field. One most important skill is critical thinking, this is key when you are working in child birth and pregnancy due to risk and they need to be quick and accurate thinking. This also goes with the development of the field, in the last 5 decades the practice has changed from OB-GYN taking care of patients with cancer and other health issues to now thy only specialize in the field they pick. OB-GYN's use to have to rely on them self's and what they can diagnose of the patient to try and predict complications. The development of technology can show when
something is wrong with the babies or the mother. They can also help with fertility problems. This has caused a line between older Doctors and newer Doctors between how they approach a situation.
One of the earliest and still most well know OB-GYN is Dr. John Braxton Hicks, He is a 19th Century English doctor from 1823-1897. He designed tools to help study the uterine both internally and externally. One of his most famous discoveries is the uterine contraction that is known as a Braxton Hick, they are false labor pains he discovered what they were and what caused them. Dr. Hicks also discovered that they are normal and an indication that your pregnancy could be coming to a close end. Dr. Hicks was the first to describe the bipolar and other methods of the fetus that are still in use today. Many of the papers that he wrote lead to the development to the studies that we have today.
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