Thursday, March 30, 2017

Journal 9 Jeremy Johnson

     My favorite profile thus far, is the NBA referee Marat Kogut talking to his dad Leon Kogut.  Very persistent in wanting to be a referee is very astonishing to me.  He played basketball and was very good at the sport but took on a fascination for becoming a referee instead.  Still very into basketball, I relate because I myself, can't play like I used to.  For this, I just coach to stay involved in the sport.  Marat was not into making the game winning shot, instead Marat says, "I want to be the referee that blows the whistle and says the basket was successful." (Isay 27)
     For myself, I believe obtaining a bachelors degree in business management, to become a Human Resource Manager Consultant, is very obtainable and safe shooting goal.  I have had plenty of training in leading a group, from playing sports and being in the marines.  This goes a long way in leading a corporation.  I feel that I am good at being a leader and giving direction to success, so this job title fits for me.  Going out on a limb and picking a more aspiring career, I would love to be a sports trainer in the NBA.  I love basketball and have the knowledge to relate to the athletes I would train.  Paying extra attention to the players instead of coaching would be interesting and maybe open a door for me to get into the NBA as a head coach.  The journey would be wild and long, but I would love everything about it.  Every long day, setback, pick me ups, travel, just everything good and bad with being in the NBA in general.

Not all training responsibilities are fun, but they all mean well for the players and the team.  At the end of the day, feeling accomplished would be the pursuit of happiness in this field for me.

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