Monday, March 6, 2017

Journal Seven by. Brandi

Major Tribes And Ethnic Groups In Sierra Leone

 Above you will notice a map of Sierra Leone ethnic groups. According to Guineelil website the Largest ethnic group is Temne and its around 35% of Sierra Leone's population today. Most Temne's are traders, fishermen, and rice farmers and specialize skills in weaving, trapping, woodworking, fishing, and carpentry. Majority of the Temne people are muslim and a small amount are Christians. Guineelibre
Temne  People

According to Encyclopedia the second largest ethnic group is the Mende people populate 31% of Sierra Leone. Majority of the Mende people are Muslim and a large amount are Christian minorities. Most of the Mende occupation is hunting, fishing, and rice farming. They also farm cassava, eggplant,  and sesame. Their houses are small and made up from woven stakes called waddle and mud daup, and palm thatched roofs, like the kind we have read in A Long Way Gone Encyclopedia . I couldn't really find any information on what Ethnicity Ismael was but from locating where he is from it looks like he is either Mende or Sherbro. 
Mende Home
 IThe third largest ethnic group is the Limba people who are 8% of the population. The Limba people are equally divided by Muslim and Christian faith. Majority of the Limba people work as stone builders, palm wine brewers, and rice farmers. Most Limba's people are located in Freetown because they escaped from the American slave traders and settled in their nations capital en.wikipedia

Palm Wine Trappers 

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