Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Journal 7 by Hannah

It all started when the RUF recruited children who hated anyone who had more than them. Then, they started abducting more and more kids and infusing them with alcohol and drugs. The boys that they abducted, they stuck them in the war. They raped the girl abductees. Wikipedia mentioned, some of the children were abandoned, starving, and needed medical attention. They took advantage of them and promised them the necessities. Something interesting that I found is that some of the ex child soldiers that were forcefully recruited to fight in the war were later recruited to fight in Iraq during their adulthood. While the children were in the rehabilitation camps, RUF soldiers came to the camp and tried to get them to come back with them to fight in the war. They would try telling them that they found their families or that they were just going to sell them when they got out of the camp to try to get them to fight in the war again. One time they even threatened to kill everyone in the camp if they didn't come back to the war with them. A lot of times, they would evacuate the camps and move to a different location because they feared the  RUF.

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