Monday, March 27, 2017

Calling Research by Brandi Forensic Artist

Have you ever watched Forensic or Cold Case Files, and wonder how they could come with the face of the victim just by using the structure of their skull? This is all done because of a Forensic Artist. Forensic Artist use their creative art talent and mix it with their training on Anatomy to help law enforcement identify victims. Just by using evidence from the victim like remains, hair accessories, and clothing found at the scene can help the Forensic Artist estimate victims race, age, and gender. Knowing these estimated clues can help them construct victims facial structure by either sketching or sculpting. They don’t only help Law enforcement with murder victims they can also determine age progression for missing victims.
If you are interested in becoming a Forensic Artist there isn’t a main course to take to achieve that dream. After researching training requirements there is a few different routes you can take to achieve your goal. One website recommends getting a 4-year degree in Bachelor of fine Arts and then certified in Forensic Artistry. To get certified the requirements are show around 15 sketches used in investigations to show experience and a written exam. Another website recommended going to school for criminal justice to obtain the skills you will need to work with law enforcement and evidence. Either route you take will help obtain the skills you will need to become a Forensic Artist, both routes will take hard work and dedication. Previous field experience is a must before perusing this as a career.
The most well-known Forensic Artist is Lois Gibson found her “calling” when she was attacked by a serial rapist.  After her terrifying experience, she became a Forensic Artist. Gibson is in the Guinness World record on most Identifications by a Forensic Artist. Through her art she has helped law enforcement crack over 1,000 cases (business insider).  

 One of Lois Gibson sketches ""10 hour Old Baby Kidnapping"
This women kidnapped a 10 hour old baby and Lois Gibson
creates sketch details from the infants mother.

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  1. She got the sketch crazy close to the woman's actual profile. I guess she chose the right profession.


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