Friday, March 24, 2017

Snap Shot 5 by Chelsea

I love music I can listen to a song three times and remember the whole song, I wish I could do that with school work. I believe music can help you threw anything and help you think about situations in different ways. I listen to music everyday and just love the poetry and lyrics that go with what I am feeling. When I was in my early 20's I was previously engaged to a guy that i was with for 4 years. He ended up cheating on me so i broke up with him and was hurting pretty bad. My mom was single at the time and she broke it off with her boyfriend cause he cheated as well the same time that mine did. This period we were both upset and hurting.. When we were riding in the car one day the song by Joey and Rory came on called Cheater Cheater. If you ever been threw a break up by someone cheating I suggest listening to this song. Its a really upbeat song and just makes you smile. The song talks about how she is a " No good white trash hoe". This song whenever I listen to it makes me smile cause me and my mom were jamming to this song and singing it at the top of our lungs. It came on at the perfect time and was what we both exactly needed. When ever this song comes on I smile and turn it all the way up. I think we listened to it 10 times in a row cause we were just having fun and making a joke of the bad situations. The lyrics of this song is absolutely hilarious.
The song  helped me threw  tough time that I thought something was wrong with me but when I heard the lyrics I knew it wasn't me but him. Whenever I'm upset over something and upset I turn up Cheater Cheater and jam out and sing at the top of my lungs it always makes me feel so much better.

Cheater cheater where you meet her down at earnies bar? did she smile your way twerl her hair and say ow cute your dimples are?


  1. I love their love story! I followed them on Facebook when she was going through her cancer treatments. You can tell they had true love and its so sad what they had to go through. They showed all of us what true love is about.

  2. I agree that music can really help people get through things. That sucks that he cheated on you, but it sounds like you got a great fun memory with your mom out of it!

  3. What a great story !! Very funny how loud you would sing it !


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