Friday, March 31, 2017

Journal Nine: By. Brandi

My favorite profile in Callings is the Engineer and Entrepreneur, Noramay Cadena. Her career choice becoming an Engineer is not what fascinates me, but its her life journey story that I find inspiring. Noramay was a single mom going to college to pursue  her dream of becoming an engineer, and graduates with getting her MBA and Masters. I can relate to her journey since I am a single mom, and attending to college so I can pursue my dream. I loved her quote "Every week at school, as hard as it was, I kept thinking, if I can only get through this week, next week will be better"(Cadena 79). This is what I tell myself every single week and I take it week by week so this had so much meaning to me.

Part 2 ask "What is the most practical career that you are considering, on the other hand what is your wild dream career?". This is still a big question I ask myself everyday since I have started school. I'm going to school for Early Childhood. I have always loved working with young kids, and I remember always playing school with my animals when I was younger. I just always thought when I grow up I want to be a teacher. Teaching is a "safe" job. It's a job that is kind of guaranteed to stay and you have benefits. Also getting holidays and summers off sounds nice, and I can spend more time with my kids. My wild job would own my own little repurpose furniture shop "ReVibe by. Klein". It would be a big risk finicailly especially since I am a single mom, and it's not a guarantee it would be successful.
Everytime I go to my workshop I try new things and learn new skills. This was my first upholstery work and latest project. It didn't turn out how I imagined, and it was a tougher job then I had planned. Still I'm proud because I did it!

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Journal Nine by Ash

Through-out the book, Callings, my favorite profile thus far has been the Walcott’s story. Firefighting has always interested me and seeing a biological family incorporate they’re lives into a fire house family is interesting. Reading about a kid who would rather follow in his dad’s footsteps than another career. It intrigues me to see someone that had grown up watching his parent work in a career field and to also want to be a part of that, he had been so excited to finally make the cut that he exclaimed; “I felt like that was my championship round”(Callings 57).

In regards to a safe career path, I wouldn't say the job I’m gunning for is a safe bet, rather my major (Mechanical Engineering) should get me a decent job anyways. What I’m aiming for would be to custom design prosthetics for veterans affected by war, and children born with bad parts. Although, if I had to choose a wild dream job, I would try my hand at acting/ or just voice acting, its good money and looks pretty fun.  

Journal 9 by Chelsea

My favorite profile this far would be the Fire Fighters Dekalb Walcott Jr and Dekalb Walcott III.there story is a great way of accidentally finding you passion and passing the torch on ton your son. Dekalb Wilcott wanted to make a good life for his family and was going to go to school to be an attorney but by fate he stumbled into fire fighting. Dekalb Wilcott said that " You shoot for the stars, and if you land somewhere in between, you're still in good shape." (Wilcott pg57). When he took his son into the fire station and let him play on the trucks that was his fate sealed. I just think that they have such a strong bond and they really care about each other. this is the life that he made and he will watch his son follow his foot steps.

One career that I am wanting to do is social work. I want to work with children and help them out of bad situations at home. This job to me is fulfilling and i get to work with kids that need help. This job isn't the most glamours a lot of court sittings and paperwork is involved but I think that all that work would be worth it.
One job that I always wanted to do would be a wild life photographer. The thrill of being in the ocean up face to face with sharks and on land being around lions would be amazing. I love animals and and being able to capture there beauty would be amazing. Traveling the world exploring places that are not safe but well worth it. Taking picture of nature as well, Erupting volcanoes the ocean. One thing that I would want to photograph is Rhinos and show how they are becoming in danger, Raising awareness of the problems of over hunting would be my main goal. This job is risky and would be so adventurous. My druthers would be the wildlife photographer. For me I love being out doors and exploring and this is honestly my dream job. If I knew I could have a secure job I would try and go into this field.
Image result for rhino

A baby with her mother in a sanctuary

Journal nine by Ben

My favorite profile so far would probably have to be the one between Farmer Bradley and Dale. I mean it was terrible what Mr. Bowling did to Dale. taking that hog back after Dale nursed it back to health and not even giving him a dime. "Well, Dale took that sow and got her back on her feet, and she made a big hog. But after Dale got the hog well, Mr. Bowling took it back and sold her. Dale didn't get a thing (Isay 90)."  I like it because when I picture it in  my mind, for some reason all I can picture is an old time western  like setting. I don't think that is exactly right, but that's what I get, which makes me like it even more.
The most practical career that I am considering what probably be an accountant. I don't know exactly why. I hate math, but every time I think about what I want to do in the future my mind instantly say accountant. I don't know if that should be a sign or not.

Volcanologist up close and personal with a volcano. Beautiful isn't it?

 If I have to risk it, I would probably be a volcanologist. Which is one of those scientist that get close and studies volcanoes. Volcanoes have always caught my attention. So I had to choose a crazy career, that would probably be that one.

Journal 9 Jeremy Johnson

     My favorite profile thus far, is the NBA referee Marat Kogut talking to his dad Leon Kogut.  Very persistent in wanting to be a referee is very astonishing to me.  He played basketball and was very good at the sport but took on a fascination for becoming a referee instead.  Still very into basketball, I relate because I myself, can't play like I used to.  For this, I just coach to stay involved in the sport.  Marat was not into making the game winning shot, instead Marat says, "I want to be the referee that blows the whistle and says the basket was successful." (Isay 27)
     For myself, I believe obtaining a bachelors degree in business management, to become a Human Resource Manager Consultant, is very obtainable and safe shooting goal.  I have had plenty of training in leading a group, from playing sports and being in the marines.  This goes a long way in leading a corporation.  I feel that I am good at being a leader and giving direction to success, so this job title fits for me.  Going out on a limb and picking a more aspiring career, I would love to be a sports trainer in the NBA.  I love basketball and have the knowledge to relate to the athletes I would train.  Paying extra attention to the players instead of coaching would be interesting and maybe open a door for me to get into the NBA as a head coach.  The journey would be wild and long, but I would love everything about it.  Every long day, setback, pick me ups, travel, just everything good and bad with being in the NBA in general.

Not all training responsibilities are fun, but they all mean well for the players and the team.  At the end of the day, feeling accomplished would be the pursuit of happiness in this field for me.

Journal Nine by Jacob Ware

Part One:
My favorite profile would probably have to be the one about the NBA referee. I liked this one the most because I am heavily involve into professional sports and I have never really thought about the referee position and what goes into to that job. Another thing I never really thought about was how passionate these guys were and that's what I liked about this guy. He said, "Most kids grow up wishing that they could hit the game winning shot of a championship. I was the one that said, 'I want to be the referee that blows the whistle and says the basket was successful (Marat Kogut)." (Isay, page 27). This was a weird one for me because I honestly never thought about that. I thought that every kid really wanted to shoot that shot but I didn't think people wanted to to be the one ref it, which I think is also pretty cool too.

Part Two:
My practical job would probably be in labor or to get into nursing. I think these would be attainable because I figure labor companies would hire most bigger, stronger guys to do simple labor and most of them get payed decently and are usually always outside which is a good thing. Also nursing I feel like would be easier for me because I have been around that a lot in my life. My mom has worked in a nursing home and my aunt has been a nurse her whole life. My grandma also has been in healthcare so I think my mother and family would be able to help me through school and also help me get a job in that field. My dream job though would definitely be doing something in football whether that is managing a team or managing small rec leagues some where or to just being a simple high school coach. I would absolutely love to do something in sports and especially in the sport of football.

The Dallas Cowboys general manager. One of the most famous in his field. Dream Job.

Journal 9 by Hannah

I think my favorite profile so far in this book is the interview with the dad and son oil riggers. I really liked this one because it had a really interesting but sad story to it. It's not that I liked that it was sad, but sad stories always draw people in and get them really interested. Gayle explained his memories of his father before he died, and then he talked about his dreams and what he ended up doing. His dad was a huge inspiration to him. His father told him, "'Give it your best shot, and never give up'" (Isay 101). I really like this quote because if you really want to do something, I think you should just go for it. Then, if it doesn't work out then you can always try something else. You never really know how it's going to turn out unless you try.

For a long time, I had always considered being a band teacher but I never tried to pursue it because I thought that the music department was kind of getting pushed out and I didn't think they made enough money. After working with the salary of an EMT, I realized that money definitely wasn't the issue. I learned that I could always make it work. So this school year I decided to go for it. I feel like being a band teacher is my dream job and my practical job. I have also considered other careers though, just in case. If I could do everything that I wanted to do, I would be a band teacher, a medic in the military, and probably a performer. I know after I start my teaching career, I'm not going to have time for a medical career anymore. If I had it my way I would do both. I would even advance my medical career because I love helping people. Also, I know I'm going to be performing throughout college, but I know that'll end when I graduate. Performing is one of my favorite things, so I would do it forever if I could. But teaching others so that they can perform is even more rewarding.
Image result for paratrooper

This is an image of a paratrooper. I would be a medic paratrooper in addition to my music career if I could. 

Journal Nine by Kaylee Vance

So far my favorite profile would be the Engineer and Entrepreneur. I like this one a lot because it is really inspiring. From working hard in a factory with her mom to being able to be successful as a young mom, graduate high school, graduate MIT, obtaining an MBA and a master's in engineering. She is very successful and very happy about it. The quote that stuck out to me the most was "If I can only get through this week, next will be better." I love this quote and I have actually thought about it a lot ever since I read it, especially with school. College has really been hard for me and I have not even been in college that long. I have thought about quitting already so many times and I even told my parent's that I was going to at one point. When I read this profile, it made me rethink things. I am not the only one that has to go through this and maybe a positive outlook could really help. I now believe that I will finish this semester and continue. I know I will think about this profile a lot during these years in college and it has made an impact on me.
Image result for metro boomin
Metro Boomin is worth 14 million dollars and has released the biggest songs in a rappers career. 
     As of now, I am majoring in early childhood education and that is my most practical career choice. I would like to be a teacher I think, but I have been second guessing it a lot lately and that scares me and makes me believe that maybe it will not be for me. I am considering this career because I have always wanted to be a teacher since I was little. I have always been so good with kids and everyone who knows me knows it and has always wanted me as a babysitter. I know I could be good at it, but I am not sure how much I would enjoy it now. If I was able to have any job I would for sure be a music producer. I love music so much, I cant even express it in words. I would say I am very knowledgeable on hip hop and rap music. I look into most new songs that come out and I often find myself spitting out facts about rappers and in their music for no reason and for so long. My family and boyfriend get so annoyed when I do this, because I go on for hours. I will watch music videos and look up the meaning of the song, along with who produced it and other facts. It interests me so much, it doesn't even feel like I am doing research or anything when I look into all the facts of their music, it is actually fun. I could not go a single day without listening to some hip hop or rap music. I would come home after school every day and blare music throughout my house until my mom could not take it anymore. I still blare music, but I try to just do it in my car so my family doesn't get to annoyed as they have had to deal with it for too many years. Sometimes, I actually think about figuring a way to do it. Metro Boomin, who is a young VERY successful music producer has produced songs for Future, Drake, Gucci Mane, etc. Metro Boomin just turned 23 so I know you can start it out young. I am not sure how successful a female would be in this industry though, but it will forever be in the back of my head.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Snapshot 5 by Ash

my kind of music

     "The crap I listen too", or so my mom calls it, is usually not regarded by most people as suitable music for their boring ears. from Red and Breaking Benjamin to Five Finger Death Punch and Avenged Sevenfold, I tend to lean more towards new rock or soft metals. I hate having to describe what genre I listen to, the short descriptions usually lead the listener to assume the worst. somehow in modern society if you tell someone you like metal they get the quick generalization that your some mentally disturbed "skreamo" fan (a completely different genre). listen! I enjoy a good group of instruments with a well written, well sung, and well preformed lyrics. Yes, some of what I listen to is dark but that's probably one of, if not, the only way i express some emotion in my life. I may be a really, really terrible vocalist, but that will never stop me from singing with all my might along to some of my favorite artists and bands.
     One of my favorite styles is a slow build up to a climactic ending of a song, Avenged Sevenfold is notorious for executing some of their best songs in this manner. their newest album features a new song called The Stage., its about 6 minutes long and talks about the ignorance of the world and how were all just humans, the lyrics are amazing and around the 430 mark it hits the climax, to which I practiced in my truck on the way to and from school everyday with excitement and vigor.

"It took the birth of sin to snake-rattle the mind
before a blow to the head by the gavel of time
to wake up
wont you wake up

when did walking apes decide that nuclear war
was the only solution for them keeping the score
just wake up

it took me about a week but i got it down pat.

Callings Research: Ciara

Being a funeral director may not seem like the best job out there. In fact some may consider it to be the creepiest one out there. But in a way it’s actually kind of cool, think about it you’re the person a family trusts in a difficult time during their life. As a funeral director your job is to arrange for pallbearers, plan/schedule the funerals/cremations, as well as oversee the preparation and care of people’s remains. The skills you need to have as a funeral director include but are not limited to; Active listening, Social Perceptiveness, Service Orientation, and Judgement/Decision Making. The level of schooling a funeral director needs is an Associates or Bachelor’s degree in Mortuary Science as well as their license to be a funeral director. The average salary for a funeral director is $48,490 and the job outlook is expected to rise by 7% by the year 2024. Surprisingly enough there are famous funeral directors. A few of them include: Kenneth Cooper Alexander, Thomas Lynch, and J.O. Patterson Jr. In my opinion it takes a lot of mental preparation if you want to pursue a job as a funeral director. 
A funeral director discussing the families options with them

Callings Research by Alisha

While reading some of the stories in the book Callings, the job that stood out to me was a Forensic artist. Sharon Long story on page 23 made me think of all the TV shows that have a forensic artist help with almost every case.
There are many skills needed for this job, some very obvious, for example drawing and artistic skills. As well as advanced training in anatomy, anthropology, and the reconstruction process. A forensic artist also needs to be flexible and confident because most of the time they are working with a witness and may need to change something in their work at any given time.
There are not many tools needed for this job, a lot of the work is done on a computer. When the artist is doing a 2-D reconstruction there has recently been a software program that quickly creates an approximation. Which helped speed up the process and allow variations of any kind to be made easily and with the press of a button. Another reconstruction that is used is 3-D. this originally was done by sculptures but not used very much today unless they have a skull that is in to many pieces and they have to put it back together like a puzzle. Another type of reconstruction is superimposition which is used in a case where they know a little bit about the victim and can use a photo and line it up with an x-ray to make sure everything lines up almost exactly.  The way this usually works is that they find someone that matches the bone structure and went missing around the same time. Then they find the photo on missing persons. Even with all of these reconstructions being done mostly by a computer, a forensic artist is still on sight and controlling everything.
Image result for forensic artist 3d reconstruction
This photo shows the step by step of a 3-D reconstructions that was done by hand instead of using a computer like how most are done today.

I believe to to be an NBA referee you have to be able to instruct others in a calm way. When you are in front of thousands of fans and you have to tell the team, the player and their fans what they have done was "wrong" or something of that nature, you have to try and not be to rude about it because chances are you will already be getting a mouth full from everyone, so adding bad behavior onto that will only make things end badly. You should have some history in the sport. It would not make sense to ref a game that you have not been had a personal experience with. Whether that was playing basketball growing up, or becoming a referee at the high school or college level. This job also requires a lot of integrity. You have to be completely honest all the time whether you are not a fan of someone or if someone if being rude. You can not allow people to call your shots. To become an NBA referee you have to go to a training camp. They have to watch many tapes. and take many quizzes. They also have to spend many hours studying the rules and regulations of basketball and watch how other referees come up with their techniques on how to do things. Dick Bavetta was the oldest referee the NBA had. Since 1975 he never missed a game where he had to ref. He even has the record for the most games officiated.
Dick Bavetta.jpg

Callings Research By Kyle Ciballi

The occupation I chose was the calling for "Dentist Thomas McGarvey" I thought it was very cool where he came from and how he has built up his reputation and lifestyle from nothing.

To become a dentist one must attend a dental school that is accredited by the American Dental Association's. the schooling takes four years but for the dentists that want to specialize it takes 1-2 years of residency.

A dentist examines patients' teeth and mouth tissue in order to first diagnose and then treat any problems he or she finds.Treatment may include removing tooth decay, filling cavities, repairing damaged teeth and removing teeth when necessary

There are 4 different types of schooling requirements for becoming a dentist. You must have a Bachelors in dental surgery, A Doctor of dental medicine, A doctor of dental surgeon and a Doctor in medicine to become a dentist. Students before applying have to take and pass the DAT (Dental Admissions Test) before they can get started with anything.

I think becoming a dentist would be fun to do

Some typical job duties of a dentist are pretty typical of what we think. Dentists examine and diagnose treatments for patients, examine and interpret x-rays, educate patients on oral health, and talk to patients about different methods for surgeries or other dental procedures.

A few fun facts I saw are that the first people to perform dentistry were barbers in the early 1400s to late 1500s that were in china and france

Salary : The median of salaries made in 2012 was 145,240 dollars a year.

Callings research by Ben

The occupation that stuck out the most to me so far in calling would have to be the drawbridge operator. It stood out because he ( John Maycumber ) took a drastic pay cut to become this drawbridge operator because he genuinely enjoyed the job compared to what he was doing beforehand. That sticks out to me. He didn't have to take the pay cut for this job, but he choose to because it made his life better overall. I agree with him on his view in the way of choosing the job that will make your life better and you happier, instead of the job that will make you miserable, but yield a higher paycheck. Life is to short and too sacred to be wasted away in a job that you do not enjoy.
John Maycumber


Research Exercise

The first thing you need to do is really have a passion for the game of basketball. This can not be given to you or you can't be trained to you. You just have to have it. Also you need to learn all of the rules to the game. This might be easier if you have a passion for it and you just watch it a lot or follow it a lot on your free time. You should really pay attention to when they call fouls and how they call them and at what time they call them in the game. Figure out what the difference is between flagrant fouls, intentional fouls, and technical fouls. Also you should know the basics about how the tip off works and who gets the ball after that. All in all there is a lot to figure out for the officiating part of basketball and there is a lot you are responsible for.

To start out you should try officiating at a high school for a couple of seasons and once you feel comfortable there then you should try and shoot for division 3 basketball games or junior colleges and after that eventually go up to division one basketball games and that would be probably your biggest stage. Then your final step before reaching your final goal is to apply to ref in NBA camps or ref for the WNBA and ref for the NBA D league which is where the players who aren't quite ready for the big stage play so if you are a ref in the same shoes that would not be a bad place for you. Once you get here is when you will learn all the ways of officiating in the NBA. And after that I think all you do is apply online at a website called and hope to get in that way. I don't think there is specific requirements but I assume they wouldn't hire someone with a lot of experience. I was really surprised that all you had to do was apply on some webpage but I checked it out and it is real.
this is a pretty known referee, if you pay attention you may notice him in one of the games you are watching

Snapshot 5

About a year ago in May, I went to a concert and Post Malone was opening up for Justin Bieber. He performed his song "White Iverson". White Iverson was my favorite song at the time. It was the ultimate basketball song at the time and I had just ended my basketball career. It was the history of basketball. He began to perform the song and I screamed almost every word. I loved it and still do. All the lights were flashing and everyone began to rap the fast part of the song. The energy was so amazing. Everyone seemed so happy. I wish I could go back to the moment sometimes, because no description on how I felt that night really does the trick. The music that means the most to me is hip hop and rap for sure. It speaks to me in a sense. A lot of people do not like rap music and I think it is because they like traditional music and rap music is developing in so many ways. All rappers have different voices and different things they want to be heard. Artists like Kendrick Lamar want to speak up about racial discrimination and he has used his music to speak up against it. He has even used it to speak against police brutality. A artist that influences me today is Drake. I used to be so obsessed with him, that everything I talked about I tried to make it  a point to relate it back to Drake. His music is so enriching and really speaks to you. His new album that just dropped is one of the best and I think he has tried to make his music relate to his listeners in any way possible. He does a very good job of making it feel as if you can accomplish anything.
Image result for drake more lifeImage result for kendrick lamar against police brutality