Thursday, March 23, 2017

Snapshot 5 Jacob Ware

Music is a pretty big part in my life. I love listening to a lot of types of music. You can find music to really do anything for you, it can calm you down after a stressful day or it can hype you up to get you through that same day. You can find music to just make you feel happy or find music to get you through old times by hearing some artists hardships. I really do love music. When I heard about this assignment I immediately thought about our weight room for football. Our coach was kind of an old school guy and we still listened to our music using a cd player. And well he has been listening to the same cd since like 2008 when a player from that years team made him a mix cd with all of Linkin Park songs. Now we did have a few other cd's but we definitely used that one the most. Whenever we had a heavy day of lifting or a longer day he would always put that one on. I can still remember one song, "Papercut," this song would always get me hype to do my set. So whenever I hear that song it puts me straight back into that time with all my football buddies lifting as all of us rock to that song.
This is an image from their music video of "Papercut" 

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