Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Callings Research By Kyle Ciballi

The occupation I chose was the calling for "Dentist Thomas McGarvey" I thought it was very cool where he came from and how he has built up his reputation and lifestyle from nothing.

To become a dentist one must attend a dental school that is accredited by the American Dental Association's. the schooling takes four years but for the dentists that want to specialize it takes 1-2 years of residency.

A dentist examines patients' teeth and mouth tissue in order to first diagnose and then treat any problems he or she finds.Treatment may include removing tooth decay, filling cavities, repairing damaged teeth and removing teeth when necessary

There are 4 different types of schooling requirements for becoming a dentist. You must have a Bachelors in dental surgery, A Doctor of dental medicine, A doctor of dental surgeon and a Doctor in medicine to become a dentist. Students before applying have to take and pass the DAT (Dental Admissions Test) before they can get started with anything.

I think becoming a dentist would be fun to do

Some typical job duties of a dentist are pretty typical of what we think. Dentists examine and diagnose treatments for patients, examine and interpret x-rays, educate patients on oral health, and talk to patients about different methods for surgeries or other dental procedures.

A few fun facts I saw are that the first people to perform dentistry were barbers in the early 1400s to late 1500s that were in china and france

Salary : The median of salaries made in 2012 was 145,240 dollars a year.



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  1. It sounds like an aspiring dentist has to put in a lot of work to become one. The pay sounds like it is worth it, though.


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