Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Journal 7 by Ben

Fourah Bay College was found on February 16, 1827. The college's original intention was really supposed to be a an Anglican missionary school to train teachers in the promotion of education and Christianity, it became a degree granting institution in 1876, when it became affiliated with Durham University in England. Resulting from the affiliation of the universities, the students were then administered the same examinations and the curriculum was identical as that of Durham University.

During WWII, the British took over the Fourah Bay College due to its strategic location in Freetown and used the building as part of the war efforts. It continued its affiliation with Durham University until 1967, at which time the Sierra Leone government merged Fourah College and Njala University College under and new federal system demised in 1966. The union of Fourah College and Njala University College was planned, at first, to only be temporary, but it is not permanent. Fourah Bay University remains an active institution of higher education with approximately 3,500 students.


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