Friday, March 24, 2017

Snapshot Five by Cole

     Music has always been something that has played a big role in my life. No matter what I am doing, I can almost always find myself listening to something. It can put me in the best of moods, or even help me get through a long day. I find myself listening to many different kinds of music. My favorite genre is rap, but one that means the most is country. I believe country music has much more meaning to it than any other. It can bring me back to some of my favorites memories throughout my lifetime. Although I do not listen to it often, it seems to always put me in a good mood. During my senior year of high school, my football teammates and I would often listen to it. We knew that in a few months, we would all be going our separate ways and may not see each other as often. Every time I hear it now, I go back to those times I had with my friends. I can remember all the great times we had together, and it even makes me want to go back. This is why country has meant the most to me, because it can bring me back to some great times. One artist that I find very interesting is Drake. This is only because of the type of impact he has had on the music industry. So many people are often listening to his music. I hear his music almost anywhere I go, whether it be on the radio or with my friends. It is unbelievable that someone could make such an impact in music.
The newest album of Drake's, which released on March 14. It broke the record for most first day streams on many platforms.


  1. I also listened to this album before I would play Baseball. I always felt that it got me so pumped before a game.

  2. I agree on the music taking people back. That's the wonderful thing about music. Any genre of music can do that. It all depends on the person.


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