Thursday, March 30, 2017

Journal Nine by Ash

Through-out the book, Callings, my favorite profile thus far has been the Walcott’s story. Firefighting has always interested me and seeing a biological family incorporate they’re lives into a fire house family is interesting. Reading about a kid who would rather follow in his dad’s footsteps than another career. It intrigues me to see someone that had grown up watching his parent work in a career field and to also want to be a part of that, he had been so excited to finally make the cut that he exclaimed; “I felt like that was my championship round”(Callings 57).

In regards to a safe career path, I wouldn't say the job I’m gunning for is a safe bet, rather my major (Mechanical Engineering) should get me a decent job anyways. What I’m aiming for would be to custom design prosthetics for veterans affected by war, and children born with bad parts. Although, if I had to choose a wild dream job, I would try my hand at acting/ or just voice acting, its good money and looks pretty fun.  

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  1. I feel that a lot of people choose jobs that are considered to be "safe". People are scared to take risk and I fall into one of these people. I think its cool you want to try your hand at acting. I think that would be a job you could be very proud of, and have a lot of fun doing.


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