Thursday, March 2, 2017

Journal 6 by Jacob Ware

Part 1
My biggest take away from "A Long Way Gone" is that some times life can make you do things that you don't want to do or it might even make you become a bad person or at least make you do bad things but if you keep the right mind set and keep your mind straight then you will eventually get through it. When Ishmael was talking at one of his conferences he said "I joined the army really because of the loss my family and starvation. I wanted to avenge the deaths of my family. I also had to get some food to survive, and the only way to do that was to be apart of the army. It was not easy being a soldier, but we just had to do it. I have been rehabilitated now, so don't be afraid of me. I am not a soldier anymore; I am a child."(Beah, 1990) He really is supporting exactly what i just said. He head to join the army because of unfortunate circumstances and now he ended up becoming normal and good again. Honestly I don't want to forget about what this guy went through. You usually don't think that stuff happens in real life but this was real and I think we need to realize that. I think the biggest thing you can take away from "The House On Mango Street" is actually about the writing. I think it shows you can be very unique and you can be successful by doing so. Throughout the tire book she makes interesting and different choices on how she writes. "The dog is big, like a man dressed in a dog suit, and runs the same way its owner does, clumsy and wild and with the limbs flopping all over the place like untied shoes."(Cisneros, 21) Its really hard to show what I'm talking about but this book really was like nothing I have read before. Its chapters were so short and the writing was weird in the way that she took risks that other writers don't and it payed off for her.

Part 2
This film made me really think about me being in elementary school again. One thing that really sparked my memory was the whole money situation because we had the same thing in the fifth grade. It was called scholar dollars and we did the exact same thing as the kids in the video. One half of me thought that it was a little harsh because I feel like he should let them be kids but another part thinks that they are going to be way better student and a lot smarter because of what he is doing in their lives right now. He pushes them really hard, one thing I remember  from the movie is his kind of motto was "There are no shortcuts" which is a really cool thing because it teaches them not to cheat and to really do things by the book. (Rafe, film)


  1. That quote in Beah was really strong and touching to me also i loved how he worded that, In Cisneros i agree about how her writing is weird but it paid off for her cause that her unique style and she did a great job at it and visualize what she is saying. I think the money idea is really smart cause it teaches the value of money and a lot of people don't know that today.

  2. My takeaway of A Long Way Gone was very similar. It is all about not giving up and pushing through any tough situations.


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