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Journal 7 by Kaylee


Image result for freetown sierra leone beachesFreetown is an African city which just so happens to be the capital and the biggest city of Sierra Leone. The cities population as of 2015 was 1,050,301. Freetown is a very busy city and is the main centre economically, although it was split because of the differences between cultures and religions (Travels). The markets are colorful and noisy in the city and it is always very busy and filled with people. Between the white sandy beaches, the emerging colors and the mountains, Freetown is a very enchanted city.

Background Information on Freetown

Freetown was founded in 1792 by Lieutenant John Clarkson (Rosanne). There were also freed black slaves who helped the finding of Freetown. Considering that fact, the city was founded as the land of the freed slaves. Due to awful weather and racial discrimination, other black slaves decided to escape to Sierra Leone. A white preacher prayed and preached under a Cotton Tree and so did Rev. David George who was also a white male and this was the first recorded baptist service in Africa (Shaw). This Cotton Tree is what former black slaves would also pray under.

Freetown is along the border of the Atlantic Ocean and the Western Area Rural District. It is split up into three sections: East End, Central and West End. The East is the largest area and is generally the poorest. Freetown has a lot of historical attractions that were founded by former black slaves. It is a very historical places. There has been an increase of crimes since the war in 2002 and can be very dangerous at times.

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  1. I thought it was interesting just to see how beautiful Freetown was, and how something so bad could happen in such a beautiful place. When I read this book I never pictured Freetown so beautiful.


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