Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Research Exercise

The first thing you need to do is really have a passion for the game of basketball. This can not be given to you or you can't be trained to you. You just have to have it. Also you need to learn all of the rules to the game. This might be easier if you have a passion for it and you just watch it a lot or follow it a lot on your free time. You should really pay attention to when they call fouls and how they call them and at what time they call them in the game. Figure out what the difference is between flagrant fouls, intentional fouls, and technical fouls. Also you should know the basics about how the tip off works and who gets the ball after that. All in all there is a lot to figure out for the officiating part of basketball and there is a lot you are responsible for.

To start out you should try officiating at a high school for a couple of seasons and once you feel comfortable there then you should try and shoot for division 3 basketball games or junior colleges and after that eventually go up to division one basketball games and that would be probably your biggest stage. Then your final step before reaching your final goal is to apply to ref in NBA camps or ref for the WNBA and ref for the NBA D league which is where the players who aren't quite ready for the big stage play so if you are a ref in the same shoes that would not be a bad place for you. Once you get here is when you will learn all the ways of officiating in the NBA. And after that I think all you do is apply online at a website called nbaofficitaing.com and hope to get in that way. I don't think there is specific requirements but I assume they wouldn't hire someone with a lot of experience. I was really surprised that all you had to do was apply on some webpage but I checked it out and it is real.
this is a pretty known referee, if you pay attention you may notice him in one of the games you are watching

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  1. A lot of the training that these referee's get is in the D-league. There is a tryout that they must go through by invitation. Getting your name out there is key but not necessary.


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