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Journal 3: Ciara

The story that stood out most to me is "There was old woman she had so many children she didn't know what to do. This story really stood out to me because although my siblings and I are years apart we were definitely a handful, now don't get me wrong we weren't as disrespectful as the Vargas kids. When started off the chapter with "Rosa Vargas' kids are too many and too much. It's not her fault you know, except she is their mother and only one against so many." This stood out to me because whenever my mom had to take all four of us somewhere like the grocery store people would always stare and judge her even though it wasn't her fault that she was the only one who could care for us.

The friend who has had the biggest influence on me would have to be my friend Kaylee. She has been my best friend since the seventh grade. When we first met we were completely different people. She has made me a more calm and understanding person over the years. When she walks into a room she radiates positive energy. And because of her I have become more optimistic. 

Journal 3 by Alisha

One of the chapters that stood out to me the most in "The House On Mango Street" was Those Who Don't In the beginning of the chapter it starts off talking about how others judge them without knowing them at all. This stood out to me because no matter where you go there is going to be someone judging you without knowing anything about you. After that she turns around and starts talking bad about the people who are judging her. In the chapter the author says ‘They are stupid people who are lost and got here by mistake.’ This makes me feel like she is being a hypocrite because you can tell how she doesn’t like random people judging her but then she does it right back.

My biggest influence is my grandpa. No matter what I’m going through he is there to let me know everything is going to be ok and he always puts a smile on my face. My grandpa is so nice to everyone and no matter what happens he is always in a good mood. He like to help anyone he can just because it makes him happy as well. I look up to him for this reason. When I’m with my grandpa there is never a dual moment. We are always finding something to do even if it’s just working on a car that doesn’t really need fixed.

journal 3 by Ashton

The chapter I enjoyed most in the house on Mango Street was "Louie, His Cousin & His Other Cousin". reason being; I found it very amusing that after admiring and getting to ride around in the Cadillac, the kids got kicked out of the vehicle when the cops started coming, revealing Louie's cousin to be wanted by authorities. The fact that a bunch of kids were almost caught up in a cop vs crook car chase was funny. It was also funny when the kids waved at him while he was being taken to jail.

The closest person I've ever had to a role model would be my one of my high school teachers. We called him Chief. I went to a career school, engaged in a firefighting and EMT program where I would spend half my school day training in the profession. Chief was a firefighter for Marion city, along with all the other instructors who taught the program, giving us instructors who were very close to the craft. Chief was a cool guy but still treated some of us like we were his own. He would scold us when we need it, and even teach us everything from how to put our SCBA gear on to life lessons. I didn't have a dad and it was a new school for me, I was awkward and my personal skills we lack-luster. Chief put us through a lot of training and it helped me come out of my shell a lot and make some good friends.

Journal 3 By Danielle

My favoite chapter or story from the book A Long Way Gone is when they are captured by the Rebels and Beah makes the statement, "I used the only freedom I had then, my thought".  I think this statement is very powerful because it makes you realize, they had no freedom or no way out of the circumstances they were in.  But, no matter what you are going through you still have your own thoughts and the ability to think whatever you want and no one can take that away from you.

When I was growing up, we never spent much time with relatives.  I was very lucky though to be able to go spend summers with my grandparents.  They lived on a quiet dirt road in the middle of nowhere and owned a farm.  They didn't have television and we spent the all day outside.  From the time we got up to the time we went to bed working on the farm and in the gardens.  My grandma was a very little, happy woman.  She worked very hard but always had a smile on her face and was friendly to everyone she met.  I learned a lot of values on those summers about hard work, family, and how to do it all with love and happiness.

Journal 3 by Cole

     Throughout the last 20 pages of reading, the chapter Those Who Don't really stuck out as one of my favorites. Even though it is one of the shortest we have read, it gives you an idea of what others think of the neighborhood they live in. I think the most important theme of the chapter is to not judge a book by its cover. "They think we will attack them with shiny knives. They are stupid people that got lost and got here by mistake." (Cisneros 28). Everyone that comes into the neighborhood thinks that they are dangerous, when really they are not. They are quick to judge by the looks, rather than actually getting to know the people that live there.

     One person that had a major influence on me came during my high school years, and that was my football coach. He gave myself, along with the rest of the team, lessons that we will be able to take with us with the rest of our lives. I was taught leadership skills that I could use not only on the field, but in life as well. We were to sit in the front rows of our classes because school always came first. He made sure that we got the most out of our high school education. Everything that he taught me will allow me to be more successful down the road. As I look back on it now, there was much more to it than playing the game.

Journal 3 by Jacob Ware

Jacob Ware

Journal 3

The chapter that most stood out to me was Laughter. This was a very short one and I just enjoyed because it was short and sweet. Also I really relate to the actual laughing part because I think I do have a really annoying and loud laugh. It kind of takes a lot for me to actually laugh but when I do sometimes I get told about my obnoxious laugh. Also in this chapter I like how she said, "One day we were passing a house that looked, in my mind like houses I had seen in Mexico. I don't know why. There was nothing about the house that looked exactly like the houses I remembered." To me this is really kind of random and I feel like it is something that I would either say or that I would think to myself. You just look at something and you attribute something to it just because it looks fitting to you.

I think the biggest influence when I was young was my friend Drew. He was my first real friend I had and me and him did everything together and he really influenced me in a lot of ways. First off, he got me back into football. I quit football after my first year of playing it and took a year off but then I became friends with Drew he got me into another league when we were in the fifth grade and I really fell in love with football at that point and I haven't stopped following it since. Also he got me to start really going to church, we went every Sunday and sometimes on Wednesdays and he really taught me that it could be fun. 

Journal 3 by Ben

My favorite chapter from " The House on Mango Street" would probably have to be Our Good Day. I would pick this because this is really the first chapter where she goes into descriptive detail with "real" friends since she started the book. And to me in the chapter they seem to have a good time together. " Down, down Mango Street we go. Rachel, Lucy, me. Our new bicycle. Laughing the crooked ride back. " That sentence to me just show to fun and friendship she found.

My biggest role model is probably my grandfather. My grandparents live just a couple houses down so I just go and visit whenever. He is a genuinely great person to chat with about anything. And he'll tell it to you straight. We'll sit out on his back porch swing for hours at time, and not even realize it sometimes. He has this way of making everybody feel welcome.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Journal 3: Monica!

My favorite chapter from "The house on Mango Street" was "Our Good Day". This story really stands out to me because she is desperate for a friend. She will do whatever it takes for somebody to be a friend to her, know matter the cost. "If you give me five dollars I will be your friend forever". I think this story is at it's best when they are telling Esperanza where they are from. "We come from Texas, Lucy says and grins. Her was born here, but me I'm Texas". When I was younger and in elementary school, I had know friends either. There was these to girl's I wanted to be friends with so bad and would do anything to be their friend. I gave them my lunch money everyday, which was seven dollars a week, just to be my friend. I was the happiest kid in school. (Cisneros 14-15)

When I was younger, I would say my older sister Molly had the biggest influence in my life. As she was older than I, she was the girl that always was getting in trouble. Always fighting with all the other kids in the neighborhood, mostly boys. Getting sent home from school for beating kids up. I learned she did that because she was bullied. This affected my behavior by, if people was mean to me. be mean to back to them. She became very protected over me really fast. When people were mean to me, my sister would always handle it. I didn't have to worry about anyone bulling me until middle school. I learned to stand up for myself and become stronger. (Role Models)

Kaylee Vance
English 1109 10;30 AM
Journal 3
My favorite chapter so far is "Marin". I do not know why exactly, but I just think it was written well and described her perfectly. In the chapter it states "And since Marin's skirts are shorter and since her eyes are pretty, and since Marin is already older than us in many ways, the boys who do pass by say stupid things like I am in love with those green eyes, give them to me why don't you" (Cisneros 27). This is one of my favorite quotes in this chapter, because it reminds me of myself when I was younger. When I was younger I always wanted to be like the older girls and I always wanted to know what it felt like to be a teenage girl and do the things teenage girls do and the quote really reminds me of something I would have thought when I was younger. The chapter also gives a great description about Marin and it lead me to believe that she may be a "hopeless romantic" which could be interesting in a sense. 
Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, closeup     I would say my biggest influence at that age would have been Ciara. When we became friends my personality definitely was brought out to the fullest of it's extent. We both found out things we liked and it shaped who we are today. Also Ciara's influence on my life when I was younger made me become a less shy person. I use to overly shy and almost to insecure to talk to people believe it or not, and Ciara was always VERY loud and it showed me that I could be a little more talkative and everything would still be okay. I would say Ciara has me beat in the "loud" aspect, but I have found a balance between my shyness and my outgoing self that I am comfortable with. Ciara has always been fun to be around and is a great person to rant to and especially get advice from. Of course I argue with Ciara more than anyone else, but we are both just very opinionated people, but we usually agree on things.     

Journal 3 by Kyle Ciballi

My favorite chapter in The House on Mango Street would be Louie, his cousin and his other cousins. This story stands out to me because I find it comical. A theme for this chapter could potentially be, not everything is what it seems. What stands out to me is when Louie's cousin pulls up in the Cadillac and how Esperanza is so fascinated with how nice the car was. Then a few minutes later Louie's cousin was driving down a alley trying to run from the police. Its just kind of ironic, especially when Esperanza says "the seats were big and soft" and "the windows rolled up automatically". They were just fascinated by this car that really wasn't his car. I would like to think of the part where the cops come down the alley as the best part of the chapter. When Esperanza says " they put handcuffs on him and put him in the back of the cruiser, we all waved as they drove away". Now the kids including Esperanza have no idea what had happened, or what was going to happen to Louise cousin, so they just waved as the cop car drove away.

Someone who has had a substantial amount of influence in my life has bee my brother Tristan. Tristan is my brother and has been for my whole life. I would put him number one to any of my friends and family. I have always looked up to my brother. He has always been there for me and guided me throughout life with good decisions to make. My brother is the oldest and my parents look to him for the more responsible one of the  5 other siblings. He has changed me to be more responsible adult because I wanted to show my parents I can be as old, mature, and responsible as he is. Honestly my parents did look at me differently. I was able to get later curfews, hang out with friends more and also have more driving privileges. My brother is a well behaved, mature, grown adult. He maybe only a year older than me but he definitely shows his initiative and responsibility on a daily basis when I'm with him.
              Chelsea Makowski

                                    Journal 3

For Journal 3 we have to pick ou a chapter that stands out to us the most one that stands out to me is the chapter called Marin. The reason this stands out to me so much is this reminds me of my life growing up. The way that you find love and want to move away from the bad neighborhood that you are in I can relate to that alot. What stood out to me a lot is in a neighborhood like this you want to look good and get all the guys attention cause one day one might come and take you away.The way Marine said " What matters is for the boys to see us and for us to see them".  The way that Marine carries her self i repect that even tho she is given all these complements she acts like it is nothing. Marine tells the younger girls things that their family most likly doesnt want them to know like how babies are made. The part in this chapter that is a vary unique way of saying that if you get a good job you get nice cloths and you can meet someone in the subway get married and taken to a big house. I get the feeling that she really wants out of the neighborhod she is in and even if it means marrying for money.

My older cousin Rachel had a huge influence on me at this age because she was older and she would always tell me things that i was probably to young to know. One thing she did a lot is show me how to use make-up and dress showing a lot of skin cause that's how it was in the neighborhood that we lived. She showed me how to shop lift from gas stations and how to get things I wanted, she was a great friend but not a great influence. I found my self acting like her and talking like her. Not respectful and just rude to adults and every one else if i didn't get my way. As we went separate ways when i got older cause i realized that's not how I wanted to act growing up. Once I left and grew up she is still doing what she was when we were kids.
Jeremy Johnson
English 10:30
Journal 3

     Actively reading the last 20 pages in the book, The House on Mango Street, I am drawn to a very short but direct chapter.  I can relate to the feeling in this chapter as I was younger going to out of town games while playing basketball.  The chapter, Those Who Don't, really symbolizes what I felt riding the bus with my basketball team into different cities or states.  As in this chapter Cisneros discuses in a nutshell that everyone is comfortable in their own backyard.  Going into another backyard however, gives you the same feeling that you may see in an outsiders body language coming into your backyard.  Full of labels and paradigms without ever knowing the people that you know in your own backyard.  Its normal to shrug off these labels from others when its your own backyard, yet not so easy to feel easy in someone else's backyard (Cisneros 28).

     Growing up my role model was not a person per say, but a basketball team I was on for many years.  Playing sports as an adolescent gives one discipline or a hot head.  For me I grew up playing with my basketball team and we had many rules and many values that today I carry throughout life.  Being on the team was demanding as life is.  Some of the team were hot heads and tried to take shortcuts on every angle possible.  I began to do the same as it made sense to get things done faster and more simple than expected.  Quickly learning that come game day the shortcuts, as in life, don't get you very far on succeeding the goal at hand.  Shortcuts got me into a lot of difficult spots in games and I started to become frustrated.  As in life, shortcuts were becoming a way of actually making things more difficult than just doing the task at hand right the first time.  Needless to say I did not take shortcuts very long, although very influenced by the teams efforts in making everyday life more simple, I just didn't like the upsets that followed shortcuts.  Now being older I understand that the way things are designed to be followed through are set in place for a various number of reasoning.  It only makes sense to do exactly what is illustrated right the first time to save the upsets from occurring. 

Journal 3 from Brandi

My favorite chapter in the House On Mango Street was Gil's Furniture  Bought & Sold. I felt like I could really relate to this chapter, because I do love shopping at thrift stores and finding unique items you normally cant find in Stores. In this chapter Esperanza and Nenny found a music box that they had to have but it was not for sale. When they played the music box Cisneros described it as "million moths all over the dusty furniture and swan-neck shadows and in our bones. It's like drops of water. Or like marimbas only with a funny little plucked sound to it like if you were running your fingers across the teeth of a metal comb" (Cisneros 20) . I really like the unique and creative way Cisneros described the music box and I felt like writing was at its best in this chapter, she really nailed it! This chapter shows that some things have more personal value then money can buy.

 Even to this day my cousin Jessika and I are still very close and we still spend a lot of time together.  She is a little older then me so naturally she was a big influence in my life. When we were in our adolescent age Jessika had less rules at her house so that became our normal hang out spot. Jessika was allowed to talk back and argue with her parents. With her strong as an ox personality she was able to rule the roost at her house.  When I came back home I would normally have an attitude and try to talk back to my mom. when I did that I would get a quick attitude adjustment and it didn't take me long to realize that behavior was not allowed at my house.

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Journal 3 by Matt

Matt Hall
Professor Mike Lohre
English 1109.01
24 January 2017
Journal 3
Out of the last 20 pages in The House On Mango Street one chapter really really stood out to me. This chapter was Those That Don't. This chapter was talking about, how people were scared when they came to their neighborhood. They talked about how they never looked at their neighborhood as being scary, or something to fear. They looked at the people that lived there as real people. In the chapter the author says "we aren't afraid. We know the guy with the crooked eye is Davey the baby brother, and the tall one next to him in the straw brim, thats Rosa's Eddie V. This shows how they look it at everyone as normal. At the end of the chapter it says that if they were to drive into a neighborhood of another color, then they would get scared and act like how a lot of people do when they go tho their neighborhood. I think that this is where the writing is at its best. 

My grandpa had a great influence on me when I was younger. He Used to be a dairy farmer, but still planted crops. When I was younger I would spend my summers in the fields helping my grandpa with the crops. He taught me what hard work was, and life lessons that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. I think I connected really well with my grandpa, because he was a lot like me. I always loved being out in the fields, and working on machinery. This common interest allowed me to become very close to my grandpa. He was a very old fashion person. He never had a cell phone until my grandma made him, but he never carried it. He never spent much time on the computer, but instead read books.  I always liked this about him, because he taught me another side of life. 

My First Blog
           Hello! My name is Danielle. This is only my second semester here at OSUM. My major is Psychology.  This is my first college writing class, so I am pretty new to all of this. And, I have never done a blog before. I graduated from River Valley High School in 1993 and have never had any college classes before this year.  Before this, I was a stay at home mother of 5 kids. My husband and I were married for 22 years and in May of 2016, he died in a semi truck accident.  This of course change my whole life.  I needed to do some serious rethinking and that is how I ended up making the decision to come back to school.
            The House on Mango Street is a very powerful look at how war effects people and how it changes their life and way of thinking.  I have really enjoyed reading this book so far, it has made me think hard about the side effects of war. I can't wait to continue learning more from reading this book.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Journal Two from Jacob

My name is Jacob Ware and I went to high school in a small town named Sparta. I am a big fan of sports and football in particular. My favorite team is the Pittsburgh Steelers and I have been a fan of them my whole life. People might ask why I am a Steelers just to make sure I am not a bandwagon but the reason is my whole mother's side of the family is from a small suburb outside of Pittsburgh. I also am a basketball fan. I recently just really got into basketball and my best friend was the one who got me into it and he was a big Cavs fan and I just kind gravitated to them. Another hobby of mine outside of sports is playing video games with my friends. Some of these games include Madden, 2k, or Battlefield. For school, I don't know exactly what I want to do yet but I definitely would like to get into sports in some kind of way.

For The House On Mango Street, I feel like it is very unique. I have never really seen writing like that where the "chapters" I guess you would call them are so short and very descriptive, but I really do enjoy it so far. The thing that related to me, I guess, was my laughter because when I really laugh it is really loud and obnoxious just like she explained in the book.

Journal Two from Hannah

My name is Hannah and I'm the EMT. I am majoring in music education and hope to be a high school band teacher. I play all sorts of instruments and do a little singing and acting as well. I even have a whole bedroom in my house for all of my musical things, "The Music Room".

After reading a couple chapters in "The House on Mango Street", I find myself enjoying how simple and to the point it is. The chapter "Hairs" really stood out to me. It's so short, and I thought it was a very odd thing to read. I really enjoyed it though because the metaphors she used is something I think many people could really understand because of the warm feeling we had received from our our parents as small children. Those seem to be the little memories that stick with us for a long time.

Journal Two from Alisha

My name is Alisha I am from Marion and my major is Veterinary Tech. A fun fact about me is, my favorite color is purple and I have a horse a dog and two cats. I graduated from River Valley High School and I am in college now to become a Veterinary tech. which is usually the people that sit in the office at the animal hospital. However, that is not where I want to go with it. I don’t want to be stuck in an office all the time. I want to be the traveling to farms and working with bigger and more exotic animals.

After reading The House on Mango Street what really stuck out to me is how the family was always moving around. This made me think about my house and where I grew up. When I was younger I was always in the same house but I never wanted to be. I wanted to move out to the country and have a cute little house with a lot of land.

Journal Two from Nate

Hey my name is Nate. I'm in my first year of college and am going for Middle Childhood Education. I graduated from North Union High School and now at that very same school I coach track and football. I want to be a teacher and coach because in my life those are by far the people who have had the most impact. So if I can have a similar effect on the future generations I would be more than happy.

My opinion so far of The House on Mango Street is that our main character is very determined. You can see this most when her house is described as "that house". In this moment she could cry of embarrassment or bottle it all up inside, but she doesn't. She says right then and there that one day she will have a house that isn't "that house". This moment is when I feel the writing was at it's best thus far. 

A photo of me

This is me . will get a better one. lol

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Journal two from Ciara

Hello my name is Ciara. My major is Biology and when I graduate I plan to be a pharmacist. I am the second oldest of four kids but I am the undisputed favorite child. This may be hard to believe but I was voted the class clown and the also the loudest my senior year of high school, it may have been my obnoxious laugh but we’re not going to talk about that. I like to hang out with my friend Kaylee and try to become internet famous. I dedicate three days of my week to watching CSI: Miami. Christine Sydelko and Rickey Thompson are my spirit animals. I am literally so obsessed with Pugs for no apparent reason.
This is me and my pug Pierre, he only likes me when I have food

In The House on Mango Street I feel like I can relate to the different messages presented in the first few chapters. But the idea that stood out the most was in the second chapter when Esperanza talked about her hair not doing what she wants it to. When I was younger I always hated how oddly curled my hair was compared to the rest of my family's because whenever I tried a new style it never looked the way I wanted it too. Growing up with mixed hair kind of sucked because your hair is a weird combination of both your ethnic backgrounds. The writing style of the House on Mango Street reminds me of my mind because whatever grabs my attention I will write or talk about.

Journal Two from Cole Fortner

     Hello, my name is Cole Fortner and I am 19 years old. I grew up in the small town of Bucyrus, Ohio and have lived there my entire life with my mother and two younger brothers. I recently graduated from Wynford High School, and am in my first year at Ohio State. I plan on moving onto main campus next fall to continue my studies in Columbus and pursue a degree in Accounting.

My friend and I at Santa Rosa Beach in Florida (I am on right)

   After reading the first few chapters of The House on Mango Street, I was able to establish some of the characters and the idea of the story. I believe the theme of this story is that some situations are what you make of it. This family seems to struggle in a run down house. I think this story is trying to show that you must stay positive in hard times, because they will always come to an end. There are many times where I found the writing to be at its best. The author gets very descriptive at times, for example, when the narrator describes the many types of hair in the family.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Journal Two from Chelsea

Hello my name is chelsea and I am 25 years old, I am married with a daughter. I own 2 dogs a miniature pit bull and a pit lab mix. I am from Missouri born and raised and once I joined the military I got stationed in North Carolina where I spent my last 5 years living, that is also where I met my husband. I love working out and running and being healthy, I have a bad coffee addiction and I'm not the nicest person when I don't have it. I enjoy playing with my daughter and doing makeup and hair. I'm a certified rifle and pistol coach.  I am getting my phycology degree to help council abused children and veterans.
In the House on Mango Street the way that she gives so much detail about the family in a different way that you wont typically use is amazing. You wonder when she describes the dad holding the lottery ticket he wins but sadly does not. Having 6 people share one bedroom is a horrible experience for anyone and just the basic want for nice stairs is something so small that you typically wouldn't consider unless you been in that situation before. Finding the comfort in her mothers hair that reminds you o something so comforting as bread that smell is the most amazing thing in the world is so true in the aspects of her finding the happiness in her situation in such small things.

Journal Entry 2 from Brandi Ervin

I'm Brandi and I'm 28 years old and I have two little girls. I'm studying Early Childhood Education and this is my first semester. I enjoy re-purposing old furniture and the coolest thing I have re-purpose was a old entertainment stand and I turned it into a doll house for my little girls.  I also love to practice yoga, enjoy hiking trails, and go to different bike trails with my daughters. I have recently learned how to shoot a compound bow and cross bow and went out deer hunting for the first time this year.

In class we are reading The House on Mango Street. So far I really like it! I think she is very artistic and creative with her words, and you can still understand it and feel what she is saying. What stood out to me is something that I can strongly relate to is Esperanza desperately wanting a house that she can call her own and be proud of. She just isn't content with her living patterns. I think the writing was the chapter that I highlighted "my name". I really liked how she got creative with her metaphors, so creative you could picture what she was saying.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

journal two from Monica:)

Monica Pheasant
English 230 @ 10:30

     Hello to all my new class mates:) My name is Monica Pheasant. I am 23 years old and every shy. I graduated from Rushmore Academy in the year 2012. 2 months after graduation I had my 19th birthday and 2 days after that I was in a very bad car accident that almost took my life, I'm greatful that it didn't cause now I get to change my life and live it how I planned. But from that I now suffer from seizures for the rest of my life. I have 3 older sisters, my parents are divorced and I have lived on my own sense I was 17 and working a full time job and going to school full time. I have high blood pressure and sometimes when I don't take my meds it is very easy for me to get upset about little things, but I try not to. I love to do puzzles, crochet, sewing, and home interior and I'm going to school for architecture.

My older sister Molly and Me after she pierced my lip.

     In The house on Mango street, I feel bad for this girl. For her to move around as much as she did and everytime they moved around more people moved in and moved with them, then by the time they got a house there was 6 people there. The part that stood out to me the most is that you can tell this girl was very sad and lonely and had know friends she could talk to or go outside and play with. " Carlos and Kiki are each other's best friend... not ours. Nenny is too young to be my friend. She's just my sister and that was not my fault." Also with that being said I feel like she puts the blame on her sister for being to young and she cant be friends with her and talk to her about some of the things she could with someone her age. Growing up the way they have so far in this story seems like they had a rough road so far and you can tell she is trying to find a way out and to make something of her own.

Ashton's Journal Two

           Hi! My name is Ashton, or just Ash, and I'm the ginger sitting in the back of the classroom. When we were introducing ourselves you may have learned that I recently left the Marine Corps and am now pursuing a higher education. My current major is mechanical engineering and i plan to use my degree to custom design prosthetics for veterans and children.  

    This is a photo of myself as a groomsman in one of my best friends weddings a couple years ago. I had a lot less hair back then.

Journal Two by Ben

Ben Adkins
English 1109 10:30 A.M.
Journal Two
            Hi, my name is Benjamen Clayton Adkins. Just call me Ben. I currently am unsure as to what my major is going to be. I am leaning more to the business side of thing though. I graduated from Pleasant High in June 2016. I am 19 years old. I have a twin sister and a younger brother. I have lived in Marion, OH for my entire life. My favorite animal are pigs. I apologize for the picture below, I hate taking pictures. That was the first "selfie" I have ever taken and it is most definitely going to be the last.

            In The House on Mango Street, it stood out to me that they moved a whole ton. This meaning that it probably took a lot on our author. I noticed toward the end that she mentioned she will find a friend one day and until then she will be a balloon tied to an anchor. That makes you think that she is lonely and that the constant moving took its toll on her. 

Journal Two by Matt

                I am Matt Hall. I’m from Powell, Ohio and I am studying to become an engineer. Like I had said before I was training to become a piolet, but I later changed my mind because I dint have enough time to invest into it. What I later found out from talking to piolets was that even when you get your license, you have to always be working to keep it. In other words you have to fly a certain amount of hours in a certain period of time, or you could potentially lose your license. Learning this drove me away from it, but I still want to pick it up later in my life where I have more time. Another thing you might not know about me was that I love to work on cars. Ever since I turned sixteen, cars have been my life, I have owned 4 different cars and I truly enjoy buying them cheap working on them and selling them for a profit.
This is me after a Tough Mudder I did this fall

                In The House On Mango street we read the first few chapters and this introduced us to most the characters and part of the main idea. While and after the reading, I found the main idea or the theme of the book to be that it doesn't matter where you come from, everyone has a chance to make it in this world. I felt the reading stood out the best when, the main character Esperanza talked how and who she got her named from. She talked about how her grandma was strong like a wild horse. She talked about how her grandma didn't want to get married and that her grandpa forced her to. This is a powerful moment in the book when she is talking about her grandma. The author uses several forms of metaphors and similes to talk about her grandma and i thought that this was the main theme or idea of these first few chapters.

Jeremy Johnson Journal #2

Jeremy Johnson Journal #2
     Hello my name is Jeremy Johnson.  I love to play basketball as well as coach.  I have played basketball since I was in third grade but also coaching has been a part of my basketball career since I was a freshman in high school in 2002.  I also love to fish and travel.  Most of my travel is to tropic destinations or outdoors in general yet there is so much in life I want to explore.  I am easy to approach and talk to so please feel free to come to me with anything at all: life, questions, help, anything at all i love to help people when  I can.

                                                       I Love to fish as you can see here
     The House on Mango Street is a very different book than that I am used to reading.  There are very short chapters and they are all inclusive to the title of each chapter.  In the first few pages and chapters I am grasping the concept that this family has moved so much that they have to stay close knit as a family to manage everyday life.  Moving so much has it tolls yet Esperenza and her family ride all of lifes waves as a team.  Once we get set with the plot being on Mango Street I easily picked up that they have not been there long for the family has few friends.  As mentioned early on in my post here the chapters are short but precise to the title and that is where I feel the author is at her best in writing this book and the descriptions are very on-point.  

Journal Entry 2 from Kyle Ciballi

        Hello everyone ! My name is Kyle Vincent Ciballi. I just felt the need to throw in my middle name. I'm 18 years old and this is my first semester at OSU Marion. I just got back from my national guard training at Fort Sill, OK. If I have to tell you one thing about Oklahoma is it sucks and is very hot. I like to write poetry, and sometimes its not that good but its fun to write in my opinion. I enjoy working and building cars and my next car on my list to get is a Honda S2000. I like animals a lot my dream job is to be a vet at a zoo, but that's a lot of schooling and time. Also I'm in the army national guard which pays for a four year degree at any public college , so that's why i have decided to attend OSU Marion. My birthday is march 4 , sorta running out of things to write about myself. Oh, I also love to drift in the snow or mud. for some reason it is so much fun to me. I'm a super generous person if you asked me i more than likely would buy lunch for you. Anyways I'm always a happy person I don't get sad a lot , life is to short to worry ! My name is Kyle and the fastest mile I have ever ran is a 4:33 and I'm in the army national guard.

     For the reading in the House on Mango Street. The themes I read from Esperanza was she had a desire to escape. she has this desire to get out of the situation she's in right now to a finer way of life. How she says one day she will have a big nice house, and a car of her own. I also had got a feeling from Esperanza that she has this feeling of solitude. She is only aloud to speak to Nenny her sister , which she can still talk to her other brothers just not outside the house. She also wants to change her name. I think she does this in order to find the true meaning of a name that matches with her trapped spirit. She is like a peacock that wants to fly but unfortunately peacocks don't fly.

Journal 2 from Kaylee

Kaylee Vance
English 1109.01 10:30 AM
Journal 2 English 1109

This is my first semester at OSU Marion. I am an education major and I plan to pursue a career as a second grade teacher. I use to play basketball and run track in high school and I enjoyed both a lot. I like to be active, usually. I enjoy hanging out with my friend Ciara and getting pizza every weekend. I am really into music and enjoy rap mostly and figuring out what a rapper means by his lyrics or if its a metaphor for something else. I also love to relate the music to my life. My favorite rappers are Drake and Future.  I am the oldest of four siblings and I have a good relationship with all of them. I also have a dog named Abby and she is a handful, but she's really cute. I hang out with my boyfriend everyday and we love to try to new things (food, movies, places, etc.). We are currently in the process of remodeling our new home in Marysville. 
       In the reading I related a lot to the part about moving around a lot. I understood moving around a lot because my family and I would move around a lot for years due to jobs or something else. I also to relate to her relationship with her siblings, for the longest time I never understood how siblings could be "friends" or how my aunt and my mom got to the point where they would hang out all the time and actually talk nicely to each other. Now that I am older I understand it more, but being at a young age it was almost unbelievable. I also relate to Esperanza not liking her name to much or having a meaning behind it that doesn't please her. My real name is Kathryn, but I do not enjoy going by Kathryn and I like going by Kaylee. There isn't a necessarily "bad" meaning behind my name it's just that every first born daughter in our family has to have the name Kathryn, so in that case so many girls in my family have had the name Kathryn in cooperated in their name some how its not original and I would rather my name just be Kaylee considering that's what everyone has always called me since day 1.
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Welcome to our Blog!

Hello students,and welcome to our Blog.

Our goal today is to become members, write our first post, and learn to respond to others on this blog.  Basically this first post will help us get to know each other, and begin a good habit to use blog writing and its features.

Here's the prompt, and you'll also find this information and more on the handout I give to you in class.


--For your first post on our blog, write a paragraph where you introduce yourself, tell us some things that help us know you more, and share a fun fact about you.  Also, please post a simple photo of yourself, so we can always come back to this and associate your name with your face and introduction.  Again, the blog will just be for our class and I will adjust the privacy and search settings.
--In the next paragraph, respond to the reading in The House on Mango Street so far.  What theme or idea stood out to you in these first chapters?  Where did you feel the writing as at its best?  Share your observations.

--When you are finished, publish your post, and then read other posts on the blog and write Comments to two other people in the class.  Try to respond to something specific, or add to or connect to something that has been written.  This isn’t Facebook where you just Like things or put smiley faces.  In blogging, try to actually have a little conversation through the use of your Comments.

My wife Irene and I in Florida, 2016.