Monday, March 6, 2017

Journal 7 by chelsea

The AK47 shoots 7.62mm, weighs 4.3 kg and holds 30 rounds in magazines or a 75 round barrel is the most used weapon by the RUF  and war surrounding Sierra Leone, it is light weight for the child soldiers but can spit out 600 rounds per minute. The AK has 2 setting semi-automatic and automatic, designed to with stand dirt and not being cleaned and still cycle correctly. They mostly get the Ak47from soldiers that they killed and from Guinea.  Image result for AK47

The RPG ( Rocket Propelled Grenade)  weighs 4.67 kg when loaded  effective range is 100-150 mm it is a shoulder fired grenade launcher, that fire war heads. In the war this is used mostly on villages and on military convoys. The RPG is a single fire or some you can reload. They are mostly obtained by the RUF threw capturing them threw the military and threw illegal trade. They are used mostly for firing at a safe distance and to do big damage to make for an advantage.
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The G3 is a semi select model and has a 3 round burst, it shoots 7.62mm and holds magazines of 20 rounds, its 4lbs and eay for child soldiers and are known for the reliabilty when dirty. The G3 was mostly obtained thew illegal trading. It is easy for the children soldiers to use and easy to get a hold of.
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The weapons in Sierra Leone are all imported due to they do not manufacture their own weapons in Africa. Most of the RUF weapons come from Liberia, they also are providing training and strategic planning. The weapon industry in Sierra Leonne is mostly dependent on getting them by helicopters that are funded by individuals that close tie with the diamond industry and support the RUF. They also receive more from raids on military, the RUF mostly depend on light weigh weapons but do have bigger ones like the RPG's and more.


  1. I thought it was interesting to know that most these guns are only about 4 pounds, and that this makes it easy for the kids to carry. If these guns were too heavy then the kids would not be as effective with them.

  2. When I was reading the book it didn't even cross my mind the weight of the guns. Now that you brought it up it makes you think.


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