Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Snapshot 5

About a year ago in May, I went to a concert and Post Malone was opening up for Justin Bieber. He performed his song "White Iverson". White Iverson was my favorite song at the time. It was the ultimate basketball song at the time and I had just ended my basketball career. It was the history of basketball. He began to perform the song and I screamed almost every word. I loved it and still do. All the lights were flashing and everyone began to rap the fast part of the song. The energy was so amazing. Everyone seemed so happy. I wish I could go back to the moment sometimes, because no description on how I felt that night really does the trick. The music that means the most to me is hip hop and rap for sure. It speaks to me in a sense. A lot of people do not like rap music and I think it is because they like traditional music and rap music is developing in so many ways. All rappers have different voices and different things they want to be heard. Artists like Kendrick Lamar want to speak up about racial discrimination and he has used his music to speak up against it. He has even used it to speak against police brutality. A artist that influences me today is Drake. I used to be so obsessed with him, that everything I talked about I tried to make it  a point to relate it back to Drake. His music is so enriching and really speaks to you. His new album that just dropped is one of the best and I think he has tried to make his music relate to his listeners in any way possible. He does a very good job of making it feel as if you can accomplish anything.
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