Thursday, March 2, 2017

Journal 6 by Chelsea Makowski

Part 1
The biggest take away that i got from both Esperanza is that life doesnt always go as you think and your future is what you make it. The way that she describes that you may grow up in a bad place or some where you are ashamed of you can never leave it that it will always be a part of who you are " You will leave this place but never forget to come back for the ones who cant leave as easy" (Cisneros pg105) this was a strong sentence to me cause i find it so true. Where you grew up doesnt defind your future. The biggest take away that i learned from Ismeal was that you are stronger than you know " Do not fear me for i will not kill you" This just shows what he has done but moved on with his own strength. The challenges that life throws at you and you may regreat what you have done but you can recover from that. The sad situatons that you go threw you could turn around and turn them into something great. I do not want to forget about Esperanzas determination, she knew what she wanted and that was to get out of her neighborhood and she did she made her dreams come true. One thing about Ismeal that i will never forget is his strength, to get over the ordeals that he went threw and still managed to become a great person is inspiring.
Part 2
The film The Hobart Shakespearians was such an inspiring story about how one man could change so many lives by giving the children a chance that thy wouldnt get any where else. The teacher Rafe is a determined and giving man, he cares about the students and what will happen to them and you dont see that type of dedication in just any one. The film made me feel happy that someone could care that much and care so strongly. One character that stuck out to me was Alana Avila, he was told that he wasnt smart and was a bad kid but Rafe took that and made this kid care and made him believe in himself. I relate a lot to him cause growing up and still now im not as smart as a lot of people and it akes me longer to study and try and growing up i got told that im lucky im pretty cause my brains wouldnt get me any where. If i had a teacher that cared like Rafe i probably would have done better in school but life Rafe said " We all have problems... Solve them" (Rafe) . He took all these kids on trips they probably would never be able to go on in there lives and showed them what great people did to set there goals. I would like if this film showed what happened to these kids when they grew up and what they achieved academically and career wise. 


  1. I really liked how you said " where you grow up doesn't define your future". It so true and Esperanza realizes this at a young age. I also admire her determination and how she believed in herself enough to work hard to get out of her neighborhood.

  2. your choice of quotes are great and I like your take away from each book they are definitely a different angle than what I had written.


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