Monday, March 6, 2017

Journal 6 by Monica.

Book takeaways and The Hobart Shakespearians:

Part 1- My biggest takeaway from A Long Way Gone would be that Ismael made it out of the war alive. I couldn’t imagine what pain he felt going through life normal one day and playing outside to rebels coming and killing almost everyone in his village. His friends and family. Being so young and having to become something so horrible that you would never think you would. He watched so many people die and couldn’t do anything to help them. He could only save himself and try to run for his life. The fact of running and hiding and stealing and killing. All the things he went through to find out that he had to face the rebels to not know if he would live or die. But he fought to try and save himself and others, not because he really wanted to, but because he was convinced that was the only choice to stay safe in a village. One thing I will not forget about Ismael is that no matter what happens in life, it could always be worse, Ismael made it through something that most people would just give up and let themselves get killed just not to deal with any more pain and seeing everything he seen. “You and your friends really impressed those visitors. They know now that it is possible for you boys to be rehabilitated.” (Beah 169) As you know, Ismael and his friends was able to be rehabilitated and they were, they become the boys they once used to be before the war ever happened. Now the biggest takeaway from Esperanza was the fact that she as well made it out of something. She made it out of a bad life she thought she had. At such a young age as well she had her own things in life she didn’t like, like the fact she didn’t live in a big nice house like her parents said she would of have as many friends and other children to play with that she thought she would or a best friend she could tell all her secrets too. One thing I will not forget about Esperanza is that she was funny and every out going and tried to make the best out of what she did have in life. She was greatful having a home even though she didn’t tell anyone where she lived. She was happy to have friends no matter how old they were or how many cats they made had! She made a better life somewhere else though and she came back to visit Mango Street because that was her home.

Part 2- So with the documentary film on the shakespearians I was not there, but what I could find about this is that these children are learning about the past and they have a choice to make their own decisions in life. They get the chance to better themselves and learn about things they never even heard of or knew about until this teacher taught them.

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