Thursday, March 30, 2017

Journal 9 by Chelsea

My favorite profile this far would be the Fire Fighters Dekalb Walcott Jr and Dekalb Walcott III.there story is a great way of accidentally finding you passion and passing the torch on ton your son. Dekalb Wilcott wanted to make a good life for his family and was going to go to school to be an attorney but by fate he stumbled into fire fighting. Dekalb Wilcott said that " You shoot for the stars, and if you land somewhere in between, you're still in good shape." (Wilcott pg57). When he took his son into the fire station and let him play on the trucks that was his fate sealed. I just think that they have such a strong bond and they really care about each other. this is the life that he made and he will watch his son follow his foot steps.

One career that I am wanting to do is social work. I want to work with children and help them out of bad situations at home. This job to me is fulfilling and i get to work with kids that need help. This job isn't the most glamours a lot of court sittings and paperwork is involved but I think that all that work would be worth it.
One job that I always wanted to do would be a wild life photographer. The thrill of being in the ocean up face to face with sharks and on land being around lions would be amazing. I love animals and and being able to capture there beauty would be amazing. Traveling the world exploring places that are not safe but well worth it. Taking picture of nature as well, Erupting volcanoes the ocean. One thing that I would want to photograph is Rhinos and show how they are becoming in danger, Raising awareness of the problems of over hunting would be my main goal. This job is risky and would be so adventurous. My druthers would be the wildlife photographer. For me I love being out doors and exploring and this is honestly my dream job. If I knew I could have a secure job I would try and go into this field.
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A baby with her mother in a sanctuary

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  1. I really like the bond that the son and father had and I also really love that quote!


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