Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Callings research by Ash

Mechanical Engineering

What skills are needed for the job? Have they changed?
            Due to a demand for Mechanical Engineers in multiple fields, and its competitive requirements, there are many skills one needs to work on prior to attaining a position in the workplace. Some of these include
  • ·         Technical Knowledge
  • ·         Communication and presentation
  • ·         Management of a project, or multiple projects
  • ·         A high level of IT, math, and science abilities
  • ·         Commercial Budgeting
  • ·         Ability to read engineering drawings
  • ·         Some amount of hands-on training for many jobs

What tools are needed, and how have they developed?
The glory of mechanical engineering is the vast array of tools, equipment, and toys at the disposal of the engineer. Engineers typically have an act for playing with anything they can get their hands on, resulting in a need for a large toolbox to fulfill the need of whatever is at hand. From hammers and wrenches, to circuit boards and other electrical devices, this day in age good M.E. works can work on anything. Throughout recent years, technology is advancing rapidly, demanding new, more precise tools, and a larger array of skills.

What training is required? How much theory versus how much hands on practice?
            At least an apprenticeship is usually required, so hands on training along with technical training in at least one field in engineering (i.e. welding). A trainee position could be found with a college degree in the field. (Note) Most jobs will be looking for higher g.p.a.
Image result for nikola tesla's tesla coil
Are there notable of famous people in this field or occupation? Does one stand out as important, foundational, or interesting?
In current culture, Bill Nye is fairly famous and notable as a teacher.  Nikola Tesla is possibly the most famous and due to his advancements I would consider very important to our current lives. Unfortunetly scientist are underrated and underappreciated in our culture.

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