Monday, March 20, 2017

Journal 8 by Alisha

Part One: Looking back, I think my Snapshot three is my best writing. It was easy for me to write about my first job because the guidelines helped me but myself back into the job. By using sense details and a short scene I could picture better what the job was like. Also, when we went back through the snapshot to change some of the words and add more details that helped my writing improve.
Part Two: I see improvement in my active reading. At the beginning of the class I did not want to write in the books because I did not enjoy reading and I had trouble comprehending what I had read. After writing in my book and focusing more on the smaller details so I can look back on them I realized home much easier it was for me to get through the chapters and understand what was going on. Before we finish the course, I would like to be able to apply the active reading skills in all the books that I read without having to be reminded. As well as use them in my other classes so I can have important details to look back at when I need to study.

Part Three: While reading, I underlined the quote from Herman Heyn’s mother where she said “You can spell Andromeda, but you can’t spell anything they want you to in school” (The Callings 11) I thought this was funny and relatable because for me it has always been easier to pick up on things I was interested in. When I learn about things that interest me they tend to stick in my head more. I also looked up the work genome because I didn’t realize it was just another word for genetic material.

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