Thursday, March 30, 2017

Journal Nine by Jacob Ware

Part One:
My favorite profile would probably have to be the one about the NBA referee. I liked this one the most because I am heavily involve into professional sports and I have never really thought about the referee position and what goes into to that job. Another thing I never really thought about was how passionate these guys were and that's what I liked about this guy. He said, "Most kids grow up wishing that they could hit the game winning shot of a championship. I was the one that said, 'I want to be the referee that blows the whistle and says the basket was successful (Marat Kogut)." (Isay, page 27). This was a weird one for me because I honestly never thought about that. I thought that every kid really wanted to shoot that shot but I didn't think people wanted to to be the one ref it, which I think is also pretty cool too.

Part Two:
My practical job would probably be in labor or to get into nursing. I think these would be attainable because I figure labor companies would hire most bigger, stronger guys to do simple labor and most of them get payed decently and are usually always outside which is a good thing. Also nursing I feel like would be easier for me because I have been around that a lot in my life. My mom has worked in a nursing home and my aunt has been a nurse her whole life. My grandma also has been in healthcare so I think my mother and family would be able to help me through school and also help me get a job in that field. My dream job though would definitely be doing something in football whether that is managing a team or managing small rec leagues some where or to just being a simple high school coach. I would absolutely love to do something in sports and especially in the sport of football.

The Dallas Cowboys general manager. One of the most famous in his field. Dream Job.

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  1. I would love to manage a football team! It would be a very difficult job to get into, but would be very enjoyable.


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