Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Journal 7 by Jacob Ware

Sir Milton Margai was the very first prime minister of Sierra Leone who would eventually lead his nation to independence in 1961. This was kind of just a random fact but I found that he was the oldest of 18 children. Anyway he earned his doctorate degree from Durham University College of Medicine in 1926. He went onto have a good medical career but he wanted more so he pursued politics. Eventually he founded his own party in 1951 and named it "Sierra Leone People's Party" (SLPP). He was later elected Chief Minister in 1954. They basically dominated elections until 1957 when Margai went up against his brother, Albert. Even though Milton Margai won he actually eventually left to form the People's party opposing the party he once started and he then was named Prime Minister once again. In 1961 he led Sierra Leone to independence from the UK. Sir Milton Margai died in 1964 after several months of dealing with several illnesses.

Sir Milton Margai in his later years.


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