Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Callings Research: Ciara

Being a funeral director may not seem like the best job out there. In fact some may consider it to be the creepiest one out there. But in a way it’s actually kind of cool, think about it you’re the person a family trusts in a difficult time during their life. As a funeral director your job is to arrange for pallbearers, plan/schedule the funerals/cremations, as well as oversee the preparation and care of people’s remains. The skills you need to have as a funeral director include but are not limited to; Active listening, Social Perceptiveness, Service Orientation, and Judgement/Decision Making. The level of schooling a funeral director needs is an Associates or Bachelor’s degree in Mortuary Science as well as their license to be a funeral director. The average salary for a funeral director is $48,490 and the job outlook is expected to rise by 7% by the year 2024. Surprisingly enough there are famous funeral directors. A few of them include: Kenneth Cooper Alexander, Thomas Lynch, and J.O. Patterson Jr. In my opinion it takes a lot of mental preparation if you want to pursue a job as a funeral director. 
A funeral director discussing the families options with them

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