Thursday, March 23, 2017

Snapshot Five By Brandi

            When I was two years I had one amazing baby sitter. I remember she would always play music and I would dance and perform for her. She noticed my passion for dancing and told my mom she needs to put me in dance lessons. My mom listened to her advice and she put me in dance lessons a few days after. I grew up dancing and performing on stage. Even if I wasn’t on stage I couldn’t sit still. I would spend hours every day dancing in front of a mirror until I perfected a dance move or nailed a dance routine. Still to this day every time I play music I get lost in dancing.
            One morning I was driving my girls to school and we were listening to the radio. All the sudden I hear “Caroline (Caroline) See Caroline, all the guys would say she’s mighty fine (mighty fine)” Come through my car speakers. It took me back. I slide on my knees across the auditorium floor toward the cheer camp crowed with my fake microphone, sunglasses, and red sweater. While my team mates are behind me as my back up dancers and singers. The crowd roared with laughter and excitement as I lost myself in my Out-Kast character. Making the dance steps up as I go created a big rush of adrenaline that I couldn’t even feel my legs. I felt as if I was floating like a child’s balloon floating to the sky.  The crowed went crazy when we danced near our competition and sang the verse” I know you’d like to think your S…. don’t stank but lean a little closer, see roses really smell like Boo-boo-oo” while our hands were waving in front of our noses. Every time I hear Out Kast’s song rose’s It takes me back to that cheer camp and that night. 

    Music has a powerful way to take you back.  Hearing an old song can help you remember forgotten dance moves. It doesn't only awaken your soul but is awakens memories. OutvKast Roses awakens mine. 

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  1. Powerful... I liked reading this piece. Music is a mood changer for sure, and can really get that adrenaline pumping. Great metaphor by the way.


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