Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Callings Research by Cole

     While reading Callings, one occupation that really struck my attention was the NBA official. I have always enjoyed basketball, but I have never really looked into what it took to actually become an NBA referee. It is not as easy of a job as it may seem, as many referees are under a lot of stress to make the correct calls and officiate the game fairly. One that wants to become an NBA referee can not start in the professional league right away. They must prove themselves, often by starting in high school. After gaining experience throughout high school and college games, referees could consider applying for employment in the NBA Development League or Summer League. By doing so, they could prove themselves in the professional setting. Getting that first professional experience can be very important in becoming an NBA referee.
      While doing this research, one notable referee that came to mind was Dan Crawford. For the past several years, he has been found officiating very big games. Crawford has been a referee in the NBA since 1988, and is still working today. When considering that average salaries of NBA officials, it does not sound like a bad career to work towards. Depending on their time in the league, they can make anywhere from $100,000-$550,000. Pay tends to increase as their experience in the league grows.
A picture of Dan Crawford officiating in the NBA


  1. I think that it is so cool that you chose this occupation to wright about. I never really thought about the amount of stress these referees go through. It makes sense that it would be very stressful making close calls in a high stakes game.

  2. Yes, I wrote about this topic as well. There is so much that goes into being a ref, as I used to ref summer leagues. The ref is busy even before the game starts to way after the game has ended.

  3. I didn't think that the referees could make so much. I feel like it would be really stressful making the home team loose points and hundreds of people yelling at you.


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