Friday, March 31, 2017

Journal Nine: By. Brandi

My favorite profile in Callings is the Engineer and Entrepreneur, Noramay Cadena. Her career choice becoming an Engineer is not what fascinates me, but its her life journey story that I find inspiring. Noramay was a single mom going to college to pursue  her dream of becoming an engineer, and graduates with getting her MBA and Masters. I can relate to her journey since I am a single mom, and attending to college so I can pursue my dream. I loved her quote "Every week at school, as hard as it was, I kept thinking, if I can only get through this week, next week will be better"(Cadena 79). This is what I tell myself every single week and I take it week by week so this had so much meaning to me.

Part 2 ask "What is the most practical career that you are considering, on the other hand what is your wild dream career?". This is still a big question I ask myself everyday since I have started school. I'm going to school for Early Childhood. I have always loved working with young kids, and I remember always playing school with my animals when I was younger. I just always thought when I grow up I want to be a teacher. Teaching is a "safe" job. It's a job that is kind of guaranteed to stay and you have benefits. Also getting holidays and summers off sounds nice, and I can spend more time with my kids. My wild job would own my own little repurpose furniture shop "ReVibe by. Klein". It would be a big risk finicailly especially since I am a single mom, and it's not a guarantee it would be successful.
Everytime I go to my workshop I try new things and learn new skills. This was my first upholstery work and latest project. It didn't turn out how I imagined, and it was a tougher job then I had planned. Still I'm proud because I did it!


  1. Brandi I just have to say that that chair is so cool!

  2. wow that is an amazing chair i'm really impressed

  3. That chair is amazing. You did an amazing job on it. Keep it up.


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