Saturday, March 25, 2017

Snapshot 5 Jeremy Johnson

     Music is the food to my soul.  When I am feeling down, music lifts me up where I belong.  Cleaning the house is always easier when music is in the air, I promise.  I have used music to cheer me up, amp me up, help me think, or even infatuate over a special someone.  Music is love,  teaching us how to care or show emotion.  I can't think of a single relationship that I didn't have a certain song for.  Every person I have dated has had a certain song that made me want to go out of my way to do something impressing for my special feelings toward that person.  We even have that song that makes us think about the people we have lost in our lives; whether it be through broken relations or death.
     I love all kinds of music.  Mainly what we would call sappy music or R&B.  I can listen to anything and have a good time though.  Through my day music has been the key that drives my engine.  Flashing back into time, not far from now, about a year ago I recall a good song on Pandora that played coming home from a date with my fiancé.  The song was Lady in Red, By Chris DeBurgh.  This song came on while my fiancé and I were holding hands after a nice date night driving home from Columbus.  I felt butterflies in my stomach, for I knew I was about to sing this love melody to her.  I began to sing, nailing the English accent and she was loving that she had finally found a man to sing to her, making her feel wanted in everyway.  This song was already a favorite of mine, now it is her favorite song to turn up when it comes on.  This is my cue to sing extra special and emphasize the words explicitly while putting on her favorite show.  I have been in show choir in middle school here in Marion.  I loved it so much until basketball interfered with continuing with choir past seventh grade.  Had I stuck it out, I may have been headed in different directions, because I believe that music is another intelligence tool that molds us.  For those who are unfamiliar with the song mentioned in this post, feel free to watch the Youtube video and be serenaded by bliss.  Just click here.
Being serenaded by this song is one thing.  Being sung to in the rain, I will let you judge what power this has to you ladies.

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