Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Journal 6 By. Brandi

After reading The House On Mango Street my biggest takeaway is how Esperanza always stayed true to herself throughout the book. I really admire how she marched to the beat of her own drum. One thing I want to remember about her is no matter how big her dreams are she will never forget where she came from and will come back and help who needs her.  It shows her wisdom and  strength  even though she is going through her own insecurities being a young teen. I really liked how at the end of the book she says "they will not know I have gone away to come back for the ones I left behind. For the ones who cannot out"(Cisneros  110)
Along Way Gone my biggest takeaway was seeing Ismael going through all these transitional  stages at such a fast rate at such a young age. It shows that people can adapt to whatever life throws at them  to survive. I was impressed with how well he adapted to change and how he was able to survive mentally and physically through all these stages. One thing I never want to forget about Ismael is his whole story and how courages he was through the whole book.

I found this documentary very interesting and educational since my  big goal is to become an elementary teacher. Mr. Reeve is a teacher at Hobart Elementary and he dedicates is who life to his students. He is also in charge of a drama group called The Hobart Shakespearians. He takes in a large culturly diverse group of students and teaches them how to speak correct english by teaching them shakespeare. Mr. Reeve believes " All children should be given equal opportunity" and he dedicates his life so his students so they have a chance to thrive in America and become assets to the world. I can relate to this documentary, because I just finished up learning about teaching in a diverse classroom in my Education Psychology class so it was a great example how teachers need to be dedicated to their students and treat them with respect.


  1. I completely agree with you the points with both books. They both overcame hardships in their own sort of ways. Beah more than Esperanza, but they both still took down the challenges that were presented in front of them.

  2. I think its so cool that you are going to become a teacher. Some of my teachers made me into who I am now. I also really liked how Mr. Raif said that all children should be given equal opportunity. I feel that their is not one kid who should not receive the same amount of education than the other.

  3. I agree with the fact that the biggest takeaway from A Long Way Gone was the way this kid and all of his friends went through so much at a young age and I couldn't imagine going through half as much in my own life.

  4. I also want to be a teacher, so I think I really agree with what you had to say about the documentary. I feel like teaching is such a challenge nowadays because most teachers just seem the same. You just teach the curriculum so that the kids can pass and then they move on. I think it takes a special skill to really connect with the kids and have such an impact on them that they'll actually take something from the class and use it in their lives in the future.


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