Sunday, March 26, 2017

Snapshot 5 by Kyle Ciballi

The meaning of music to me is like a breathe of fresh air. With music you can express so many different things about yourself. I always used music to dance and relax before my next race at a track meet. I would put my headphones in and dance to different genres rap, pop, rock and roll, and anything my earbuds would play I would listen. I cant say I have a favorite genre of music but most of the time I find my self listening to rap. I liked to listen to rap when I'm bumping through the streets of Mt.Gilead or when I am getting pumped up for a race. My favorite and one of my first songs was from the old school rapper "Biggie Smalls".

One day I was browsing on the computer at home just looking for  a few songs to put onto my little dorky mp3 player. I came across this song which filled me up with excitement like a kid getting some candy. Except the music was my candy. I downloaded the song onto my mp3 player and the next day when I was walking to school I would listen to it. " I love it when you call me big poppa, put you hands in the air if you a true playa". I am pretty sure being in the third grade I was not supposed to be listening to music with words about being a true playa, I was not a playa but just a third grader being introduced to some old school rap music.

The Notorious BIG was just one of his names he had. So sad he died at the age of 24 years old from a drive by shooting. Rest in peace Biggie smalls.


  1. LOL this song always remind me of the movie Hard ball! I forgot all about this song until I read your post. You even brought back good memories for me!

  2. I never listened to this but, I looked it up and sounds good. I even downloaded a few of his songs.

  3. I also listened to rap before track meets. It seemed to always get me ready to go for each race.


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