Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Journal 4 By Jacob Ware

Part 1: My reading is going pretty well right now. To be honest, I usually do not read really anything outside of some articles here and there but when I find a book I really like it is very easy for me to read and that's how it is for me with A Long Way Gone. I am very active in this book and I enjoy every chapter, sometimes it is still hard for me to find the time to read it but I almost always complete its readings. The House on Mango street is another story though because I do not enjoy it as much and I also get very confused by the short 'chapters' and how the story kind of jumps. I do not always get the reading done for this one probably because I can't really get my self into it. My active reading usually consists of highlighting very well and I usually get a title and if I have time, I like to write random things in the margin.

Part 2: I think one of the biggest survival skills they have learned really is to almost not be frightened as much by death. You see this when Beah states, "His body was still sweating and he continued bleeding. We didn't say a word to each other. We all knew what had happened." (Beah, 99). It's weird calling it a 'skill' but really with out this experience they might have gotten caught up in Gasemu's death and maybe even been killed themselves trying to save him or being to startled by it that they might have stayed behind and let the rebels catch up to them.

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  1. I also agree that Cinseros' chapters can be too short. Sometimes it is hard to catch exactly what is being wrote about.

  2. I agree how cisneros writing can jump around a lot and be a little confusing at times. great survival talk with part 2!

  3. The point that you made about Cisneros chapters being to short and a little puzzling is one I completely agree with. That is why I like Beah's writing much better as well.


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