Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Journal 4 by Ash

Journal Four

        So far my reading is coming along haphazardly, i usually end up reading late at night, and i mean 2 in the morning. This is partially due to my inability to have a normal sleep schedule, not in part due to any medical reason, more due to a vast of various things and personal hobbies that eat up my day, I can't complain though, i do this to myself. I do like to read books slowly in order to let the stories sink in, and yet I don't take the time to go through and highlight things. At most I will mark names of people, I have a hard time recalling them.

        Currently i favor A Long Way Gone far above A House on Mango Street. This is due to Beah's drama and story line, combined with an actual struggle and graphic storytelling it is exciting at times and actually inspires emotions for the character. I can't get into Cisneros nearly as well, there's is not nearly enough drama or conflict of a solid story to build up and get me to read the next chapter.

      one of the most important survival skills i see in Beah, throughout his story, is his ability to keep moving i think it is very under looked and unappreciated. life is movement. "we ran for hours,deeper into the forest. the path fad ended, but we kept running until the sky swallowed the sun and gave birth to the moon". this is just one of the many times throughout the book where Beah is forced to flee and survives.


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