Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Journal 5 by Kaylee

Journal Five
Kaylee Vance
English 1109 10:30 AM

In a Long Way Gone the past few chapters were described very vividly. Beah uses vivid descriptions of every detail and that allows an audience to feel as if they are there in the moment with the characters. If it does not make you feel that way I am sure it gives you a better understanding of what the characters are being put through. In chapter 15 when the boys are being stripped from their weapons and basically everything they have ever known for the past few years. You can understand the fear and how infuriated they can be. They are so mad they are willing to "jump" the guards. This could make a reader understand the mindset of Ishmael, which in a way, is always good. This is a great book for an outsider looking in because you can really put your own emotion and thought into it.

A friend I knew whose life spiraled downwards, was one of my best friends in middle school. She was a very honest girl and gave the best advice. She was so smart and it blew my mind everyday. I would come to her often my freshman year for advice. She started to be mean to my group of friends and myself and started to become very two faced and lie to us constantly. She would sit and talk to me about my "oh so serious freshman year relationship"with me for hours and then ended up stealing my boyfriend, which does not matter to me now but when I was fourteen, it was a big deal. Anyways, she became something she never said she would become but I guess that was just one of the many lies my friends and I believed. I talk to her now sometimes after two years of not talking and I would say her life has made a change for the better in a way. I would like to become good friends again, but for many many reasons, the trust is gone.


  1. I had a friend like this too. He would act like your best friend one minute but, the next he would lie straight to my face. He also got into drugs to make himself feel more popular. He was a compulsive liar and you never knew what he was saying was true or not.

  2. I personally involved in this situation and I completely understand how you feel. It sucks that she still continuously acts like this even though we give her numerous chances. Some people never change.

  3. I have been in a similar situation before and its hard because you want to trust them but you can't. Hopefully it will get better with some more time.


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