Monday, February 6, 2017

Chelsea Makowski

Journal Four

      So far in my active reading I believe im doing really well, I find my self getting chapters mixed together and the stories are starting to jumble together. A Long Way Gone I am reading it a lot more intense and i am a lot more into the book than i am in Cisneros. Im really interested in the story of Beah and to me going from the two books Cisneros doesnt compete and i try to really read and comprehend her book but its hard to do when I want to read the other book and Beah just has an incredible story line. The two books are so different and have such a different story line but Beah is my favorite out of the books. I feel the strength in House on Mango street is the language how you can imagine exactly what she is saying and kind of plays with words to figure it out. When Cisneros is describing a feeling to you and wants you to feel it she descibes it in such a unique way where your mind automatically runs with magination. The weakness of Cisneros I believe is its not a story line so hard to follow or see where she is going with this. Their is no a key point in it or where the story is going. The strength in A Long Way Gone is the story its self, you get pulled in and filled with such emotion cause  you cant imagine what these young kids are going threw so you never know what is going to happen. The weakness of the book is when it hits a couple chapters its like he is dragging on and hard to follow exactly what he is saying.
      The survival skill tht Beah and his friends show is just incredible the point of adapt and over come has to be taught to people but being put in the situations that they find them self in they show how much of human nature it is to survive. The book describes how they learned how to use a bayonet to stab a tree, they never had to learn this skill but once the corporal told them " Is that how you stab someone who killed your family?" (Beah 112). They ways he describes this and you can feel the anger come out of them and the hate.

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  1. I am finding out that everyone in this class is having the same issue of not being that into the book from Cisneros. I guess this shows us that if we are not into the reading it will not make as much sense.


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