Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Journal 4 by Hannah

So far my reading is going okay. I have a hard time writing stuff in the margins. I know it helps when I'm looking back trying to remember things, but its hard for me to pay attention to the reading when I'm also trying to focus on what I should write down. I really like A Long Way Gone, it keeps me on my toes and I'm more interested in reading it. A House on Mango Street loses me sometimes. I get kind of confused here and there and I'm not really sure how everything relates to each other.

I think one important survival skill to have is hope. Many times throughout the book many of the characters rely on hope to keep them moving forward. At on point Beah was reflecting back on  a memory of when his father use to tell him "If you are alive, there is hope for a better day and something good to happen. If there is nothing good left in the destiny of a person, he or she will die." (Beah 54).


  1. I really agree with the whole writing in the margins part. I can do it but it usually comes when I am looking back at things.

  2. I think the hope that the boys have in A Long Way Gone is very important. Without it, they may have given up and been killed.


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