Thursday, February 16, 2017

Journal 5: Jacob Ware

Journal 5

Jacob Ware

Part One: I think the biggest thing that Beah does and the thing that he really does the best, in my opinion, is they way he describes things in his writing. The example that I would take from this chapter would be where he was explaining when he got shot. Not only the actual event of him getting shot but also the way he described getting the bullet out of his foot was also very vivid. Another technique he used pretty well in this chapter and really in the entire book is his dialogue. The way he can just out a piece of dialogue in the middle of a paragraph is a way that really works, he really makes the story flow by doing this and it really works in his writing.

Part Two: One of my best friends from middle school was really a likable dude who really loved to be around me and all of our friends but then he started getting into relationships where he would jump straight into them and he would honestly forget about his friends and it was sad because when that girl wasn't there for him we always would be but thats the only time he would come to us and it would get pretty annoying doing that but thats what we did because he was our friend. We finally got annoyed with this and we would stop being there for him so he went out and got new friends who really got him into some bad stuff and I feel like he got into those things just to feel accepted by these other people. But the thing was that he started doing the same thing with his new group of friends (actually with a different girlfriend at the time) and eventually got tired of it too and I recently started to talk to him again and its sad because he really does feel lonely but i'll be here for him because he has been my friend for awhile now.

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  1. It is really disappointing when a friend's relationship gets in the way of everything else. I also had some friends that would forget about us while dating someone.


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