Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Journal Five by. Brandi

While I was reading A Long Way Gone I stumbled on a unique diction " Lieutenant Jabati was present, too, and he was a little jovial that night" (Beah 128) . I was interested what that term even met  so I looked it up and it means to be cheerful or friendly. I also noticed another great use of a diction "The military ambulances took off, wailing into still new born night" ( Beah 136)  That sentence really helps you picture that scene.

Growing up I was involved in a horse club 4-H group. Throughout the years I became best friends with one of the group members. Every summer was spent hanging out with my best friend and showing against each other at horse shows. I never would of thought that late high school our friendship would dissolve. I noticed a change in her personality when she started hanging out with different people that partied a lot. She started going to party's and taking serious drugs and mixing with drinking. So I naturally drifted away and stopped hanging out with her, because she became mean and her new group of friends were sketchy and mean. After one year after graduation I received a phone call from her. At the time I was pregnant and I was working that night until 10 p.m. She landed herself in jail that night and needed me to pick her up, because she didn't have anyone else that could ( or who was sober at that time). So after my long shift at work I picked her up so I could take her home. When I picked her up she had me take her to another party that was going on that night. Then I  realized that she was just using me to get to point A and point B.
Drugs and bad influences were the biggest factors of my friend becoming a person who I no longer recognized.


  1. That's horrible. it's crazy how much the people you thought you knew so well could change so much. And very good points for diction!

    1. Thank you! Yes, something that I have never imagined happening when we were younger. She did eventually turn her life around when she found out she was pregnant and ended up getting married. They both changed their life for the better and work hard and are good parents from what I see on social network. I say hi to her if I see her, but we never mended our relationship.

  2. Brandi, I'm amazed to hear this story, and what a perfect connection. From jail straight to another party. This detail really shows how far this person had slipped, because that is deeply messed up, and she did use you. I tried to imagine how you handled that and the words that were said. You are a kind person so you probably handled it with class, but I bet you were chewing glass at some point that night too. Good connection and it happens way too much. I bet we all have stories that might be somewhat similar, unfortunately.

  3. I answered the phone that night because I thought she wanted to talk and make time to hang out and catch up. Instead she did use me, and I didn't say much to her when I dropped her off. It was the straw that broke the camels back, and my big sign to not have any relationship with her.

  4. You're a really good friend for doing that although her intentions weren't good. It is sad people can use caring people so easily and not even bat an eye. I am happy for you that you knew it was a toxic friendship.


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