Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Journal Five by Kyle Ciballi

I saw a good use of diction on page 138 where Beah says " It was infuriating to be told what to do by civilians. I think that has a lot of power behind it, rather than Beah just using mad or angry. Another point of diction I thought was very helpful was when Beah says "On one of our scouting expeditions, we came upon a village", I thought expedition was a good choice for a journey or adventure !.

Honestly I heard from multiple people that you will lose your friends as time goes on. Well I never thought that would happen to me. I had four best friends at the start of highschool. Now I honestly just feel distanced beyond hell from them. They went off to colleges and all they evr do is drink. We cant get together any ore without drinking anymore. What we used to do is drive our slow cars fast, and play video games and go to late steak and shake runs. Now all they ever do is drink. And sometimes even drink and drive. It just sucks seeing your bestfriends you grew up with and would do anything for to just letting them float away like a cloud in the wind. But We all go through similar changes as mine so I guess we just all have to move on and find better people. I hate talking about this subject because I just want to be accepted by them but how far do I have to go before I say stop you know? But this is my story.


  1. I had the same thing happen to me honestly. I use to have a great group of friends, but once they got exposed to drinking, that is all it was about. It is so sad and so hard. Especially when you feel lonely after distancing yourself but knowing you just cant be around it.

  2. That's pretty much how all high school friendships turn out. Once teens start to get a little bit of freedom they go to the wrong path. Life goes on with or without them and that's unfortunate.


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