Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Jeremy Journal Five

     In todays reading, I would like to emphasis on diction.  Beah has been doing a great job keeping me wanting to read more and more of this story.  His word choice is very dead on with the aspect of being in war.  As Beah writes, "My childhood had gone by without my knowing, and it seemed as if my heart had frozen" (Beah 126.)  Using the word frozen to me indicates that being in war so long has made his veins pure with ice water, having no values other than that of his peers with killing.  Also with diction the facility workers for UNICEF, keep saying "It is not your fault that you did such a thing to me" as Poppy says to the boys returning from the hospital (Beah 140.)  Very powerful use of reverse psychology on the boys to try and return their normal childhood life.
     Through a particular time in my childhood I lost a best friend from the adaptations we take on in our own lives.  My best friend whom, played basketball with me, was in every class throughout middle school with me, and even spent about everyday together.  We had a very close brotherly love relationship for many years.  I knew he was into music and even played on his drum set everyday he could in his past time.  He became very good and very noticed by local bands.  This is where I lost my best friend and had no way of  reaching out to get him back.  He gave up playing all sports, including basketball, he quit coming to hang out, and didn't even answer any of my phone calls, let alone return them.  His mother had spoke to me one day when I did get an answer from his house. She had let me know that my friend had taken on playing for a band and the outcome was too much for her to handle.  My best friend had become very tied into his band and everything they were into, such as drugs and late night activities.  He had hit a downward spiral of being lost without a cause.  Living for the moment as we say.  His choices hit me hard because I was under the impression that him and I were to play basketball in college together.  This never happened and I was forced to move on with one less friend in my life.


  1. This is a pretty sad thing to experience to lose a friend you expect so much for just to lose him to a completely different lifestyle. Sorry to hear that.

  2. I am sorry to hear about your friend! I sometimes believe that losing someone that is making those poor choices is for the better.

  3. Your friend seemed to get a taste of fame and got sucked into that. They seemed to forget what is important which is the people in life that you can depend upon and that you love.


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