Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Journal 4 By Cole

     The class readings are going very well. I have seen much improvement in my active reading from the start of the semester. I am able to pick up on the key parts of both stories, and it has allowed me to read much more effectively. I have a few weaknesses in both of the readings. In Cisneros, I think that the chapters are too short. These short chapters often make it difficult to grasp exactly what Cisneros is writing about. Out of both of the readings, I prefer A Long Way Gone. I have found it to be much more interesting and has definitely been the most exciting.

     The war in A Long Way Gone has completely changed the way of living, and the survival skills that are used are more important than ever. In chapter 11, Gasemu had been shot while running away. He was losing blood quickly and fainted. "Alhaji and I took Gasemu's shirt off and tied it around his side to contain his blood" (Beah 98). They then continued to carried him as they went on their way. Although he did not make it, Beah had done everything he could to save him. They knew exactly what to do when Gasemu was injured.


  1. I agree, I feel that in Cisneros the chapters are way too short to get a true understanding about what they are about. I believe A Long Way Gone has much longer and informative chapters that allow us to get a true feel about what the chapter is about.

  2. I am with you on the reading of Cisneros for this particular book from this author. It is difficult to follow when the reading is so short.


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