Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Journal Five by Ciara

Journal 5

   In chapters 16 and 17 in A Long Way Gone I feel like Beah uses flashback and overall descriptions really well in order to convey his thoughts about the situations he is going through at that moment. While he is trying to be rehabilitated Ishmael tends to replay major events that have happened in the past in order to cope with what is happening to him in the present. These flashbacks are so descriptive that the make you feel like you were there with him, this is to help you understand his thought process and why he handles things the way he does. The diction presented throughout these chapters is medium level. I feel like Beah does this so the reader can comprehend the book but he can also convey the mind of a child.

   Growing up one of my friends since the seventh grade has always been a happy go lucky person that loved being with her friends. That all changed in the eighth grade when she started the first of many long and unhealthy relationships. Soon after she started dating a guy she would choose him over everyone including her family. These relationships were always on again off again. You couldn't have a simple conversation without her changing the subject to bring up the problems she was having in her relationship. It got to the point where we wouldn't hang out with her for months at a time and then when we did hang out it was only because her boyfriend broke up with her. A friendship is supposed to be equal but that wasn't the case with her, just last year we stopped talking and it honestly sucks because she's one of my best friends. Life goes on and hopefully we can reconnect in the future.


  1. Most of our friendships had that type of ending I guess, it sucks, but life does go on. I am glad we all three experienced what we did together though.

  2. My story is very relatable to this one, such a crappy way for a friend to turn out like this where they are so focused on unnecessary relationships at such a young age.

  3. I suffered the same situations of relationships clogging friendships and family relations. Love or even at a young age we call this infatuation can be a blinding, regretful event we all go through.

  4. I had a friend in High School that was just like this. she jumped from guy to guy and never really paid any attention to her real friends. every time one of her relationships would end she didn't really have anyone to talk to because she pushed them all away.


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