Monday, February 6, 2017

Journal 4, Monica.

Part one: I would have to say so far my reading is going okay. I'm not much of a reader though, and I really don't like reading. These books have changed that for e a little bit though, they are some good books, but I still hate reading. I'm pretty active with them both though, more so A long way gone than The house on Mango street. The most thing I do to help me keep interest in the two books is to skim over and find apart that will catch my eye to read the chapter, if I don't it's very hard to get into the book, much less the story or chapter we have to read. So like I said the book I prefer the most is A long way gone. The reason why is because it has more to the story's and makes you wonder and your mind run wild, like you feel like you could figure it out but once you read it, it is the complete opposite. As for The house on Mango street, I'm just ready to be done with book. It's so many short stories and seems like it has know point of a book or even knowing where the end is going to end up, like it makes me wonder are they just going to end back up in Mexico?

Part two: One of the survival skills I notice in this reading was that they kept going from village to village to make it each and everyday. They had to get what food they could and take with them because they had no food or water source when they was traveling, They couldn't be picky either, if it was edible they ate it, even though sometimes they probably shouldn't they still did. " That night we stole a pot of rice and cassava leaves. We ate it under coffee trees at the edge of the village, washed the pots, and returned them." (Beah 84) I can say that I have been through that once in lfe before, I choose a wrong path in my life before that I picked my partner over family and they cut me off and when I needed them or something the most I had to learn the hard way, I had to steal food and hope I didn't get caught and put family before others. I understand these boys were only doing what they had to so they could survive.

                                                                          Work citied
Beah, Ismael. A Long Way Gone: Memoirs Of A Boy Soldier. New York: Sarah Critchon, 2007. Print.


  1. I agree on your view of their survival skill. There were times that they should not of went back to a village because it was dangerous and they did just to get food and survive. Finding a safe place is their only chance to possibly survive the war.

  2. I am not the biggest reader either, but I can sometimes find a book that interests me. A Long Way Gone has been very enjoyable for me to read.


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