Thursday, February 16, 2017

Journal five by Ashton

Journal five
Ashton platt


 my best friend in high school, and for a couple years afterword, and I were always together. we would work together in the summer and blow the money we eared the same day. we went through a lot together, we had paralleled though law enforcement and firefighting training, and acted as a small security force at our school, stopping many fights and assisting in anything we could. after graduation he went into the army and i the marine corps, separating us. somehow though he was always dealt a bad hand and fell short in life, creating a drift, i had to keep moving. one of us changed, i don't know which, I just know we don't talk anymore.


  1. Thats the worse when yopu and yoour best friend do everything together but than they turn into a stranger, same thing that happened with my friend.

  2. The military in general can change anyone and take you in all directions. I myself was in the buddy program and was supposed to leave with 10 of my peers from high school and I was the only one to leave the day I did.

  3. Life tends to take people on different paths, it just sucks that you have to lose a close friend. Hopefully you guys eventually meet again and can pick up where you left off.


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