Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Journal 4 by Ben

To be completely honest, I'm really terrible at active reading. I started the beginning of the books alright, but then as we have progressed I have just gotten much worse at it. I get to wrapped up in the books to do the active reading. I prefer A Long Way Gone over A House on Mango Street. My strengths and weaknesses. Like I have stated before, I cannot stand to read. If I am forced to because an assignment, I get distracted so very easily. I prefer A Long Way Gone mainly because I like Beah's writing style. It also helps that A Long Way Gone holds my attention a lot easier.

One important survival skill that I noticed is adaptation. At the end of chapter twelve, he has been recruited for the fighting and that is not something that he was expecting to do. He had to adapt to his environment in order to stay alive. Beah at the end of chapter twelve talks about the other kid humming, I imagine it almost brining him comfort, especially when he says " His voice would echo into the dark forest, and whenever he stopped, the night got quieter" ( Beah 113).


  1. I completely agree. I believe that a Long Way Gone, is a much more interesting book than Cisneros. I feel it holds your attention more but, also makes you feel that your right there in the book.

  2. finally another person who hates reading ! lol We can get better at it just takes some time !A long Way Gone is a much better book than cisneros !

  3. I kind of agree with being a bad active reader. It's hard to have to sit and think if something needs to be highlighted or whatever when you just want to read the story. It almost feels like it interrupts the reading


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