Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Journal 5 by Matt

One of the things that I have seen. Is the fact that Beah is still hardened by the war. This is the point that he will not even give his name to the nurse. " what's your name? she asked as she dressed my hand. I didn't answer her"(Beah 141). This just shows how much the war has hardened Beah. He's so traumatized that he wont even give a nurse his name. Another part that I saw was when Beah talked about that he had to run the sink or the shower for a while to realize that it was not blood coming out. "Whenever I turned on the tap water, all I could see was blood gushing out. I would stare at it until it looked like water before drinking or taking a shower" (Beah 145). This is also another way Beah shows how the horrors of war affected him. This just shows the reader how badly this war effected these young kids. He's at the point where he cant even run water without seeing blood.
All of us have had a friend go down a wrong path or change in a way that was not for the good. Mine was my friend named Brendan. We were friends all through elementary into high school. Every weekend he was over at my house. he was practically my brother. As we got into high school, he started to hang out with the wrong crowd. He felt that if he hung with these people he would become more popular. This later got him into drugs, at this point it wasn't fun to be with him anymore. all he wanted to do was drink or do drugs, and I didn't want to take part in that. As time went on we lost contact and haven't talked since. I feel that his reason for changing was the need to become popular.


  1. My story is very similar. You find out that drugs change a persons personality for the worse and It doesn't just destroys their life ,but it also effect everyone else around them. So even though it hurts to see a old good friend go through it, its better to just let them go and let them find their own way.

  2. I learned that also. People in high school would have done anything to be considered "popular". That is so sad he threw a friendship away for that.

  3. It's sad to hear about your friend. I had the exact same experience with a friend in high school. He got into some bad stuff that I wanted no part of and we just drifted apart over time.

  4. I hate that where looking cool and trying to be whateveyone else things is "cool" is the most annoying thing in the world and theirs nothing as a good friend you could do to help them.


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