Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Journal Four from Kaylee

I would say my reading so far in this class has not been too bad. I am a decent active reader, but I find myself highlighting too much or not enough in some chapters. I sometimes have a difficult time trying to figure out what is worth highlighting and what should be left alone I usually highlight as I go though. I have found it to be easier to write the characters names down in the beginning. I feel as if that gives me a little insight about who is going to be in the chapter. I love The House on Mango Street.  This book is so fun and very humorous in my opinion. The funny aspect is the strength. The weakness of this book is the fact that I find it hard to understand the true meaning or story behind it. What is it leading up too? Why are some of the chapters even included? It is kind of hard to understand what the book is even suppose to mean, but it is interesting.

I honestly do not like A Long Way Gone. It is WAY to repetitive. All it is about is a group of boys going to a new village every so often where they run into a tragic incident and that makes them leave that village and continue onto ANOTHER journey. They even have been captured twice and both times their cassette tape has saved them. It's so boring too me. I wish I could get into it. Its a descriptive book though. The way everything is described is pretty cool and can make you feel as if you are there. A survival skill I have learned is to persevere no matter what, and that is exactly what the boys do. And have done the whole book. They make sure to fight everything out and continue their journey without losing too much hope, so staying faithful and hopeful could be a survival skill also in a sense.   


  1. I have the same problem, but i find myself reading a whole chapter without writing anything and then having to back and annotate. When I usually go back and annotate I usually write down or underline too much.

  2. For my active reading, instead of always highlighting, I also use * beside paragraphs with sentence phrases that tell me why I found that writing important.


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