Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Journal 4 by Kyle

 Hello everyone ! So I would say I am active but not as active as i should we all have our strengths and weaknesses. On of my strengths are that Once I start reading and stay focused i can normally be in the book like there is no tomorrow ! I'm also very good at pointing out certain plot points and creative titles I would like to say.

 My weaknesses are just not being responsible enough to read and I will forget to read the assignment. Then I will come to class and be so out of it from missing the reading or active topics that should have been wrote down in the book.

I Between the two books of Cisneros and Beah I think I prefer A long way gone better. I like cisneros writing its great, But just seems a little cheesy to me. I like the serious tone in a long way gone and the lessons we can learn from it. A long way gone is a great book so far. Cisneros is kinda confusing but Mr.Lohre said it will all come together in the end.

One important survival skill I noticed or was described in the book on page 47. Beah writes "I was already at the top of the branches and plucking coconuts" (Beah 47). when I read that it tells me that Ishmael is learning to survive and kinda revert back to the hunter gatherer stage and hes able to find himself food. Hes learning simple things to adapt and overcome hunger and find nutrition.

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  1. I have enjoyed A Long Way Gone much more also. I find it to be much more interesting than Cisneros.


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