Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Journal 10

 Part One: The profile I did was the one about the salmon slicer. I found this one very weird because he retired from a job and he said he was used to making almost $150 an hour and he went to a job making nine dollars an hour. This I think really proves that he likes what he does, a lot. There is a quote that says, "Every time I slice, I want to make the best possible slice I can make. It's a sensual experience that occurs.." If this quote alone doesn't prove he loves what he does I don't know what will. And really what this taught me is that you should always do whatever you love no matter what because if it makes you happy then it makes you happy.
This man is in the same occupation as the man from the profile.
Part two: I actually did some research on this same profile. I looked up vox because I did not know what that meant but I figured out eventually as they kept going on. I even had to look up vocation too because I did not know what that meant either.

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